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G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform, recently released a report around video editing software. After analyzing more than 200 user reviews of eight different video editing products (Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve, Edius Pro, Sony Vegas Pro and HitFilm4Pro), trends emerged around what features need improvement, as well as features that are key positives in the video editing processes.

Need for Improvement

Stability - The number one complaint from video editing professionals is lack of stability. Nearly one-third of reviewers identify “crashes” or “stability” as an issue needing improvement. Seven of the eight software products in the recent report had one of those terms selected among its top three features to improve. 

Many reviewers stress the difficulties of a program lacking stability. Crashes mean losing unsaved work and spending time restarting the program. For those in time-sensitive industries, such as television production, software crashes are particularly damaging to product satisfaction.

Audio Editing - Having a high-quality video is impossible without a strong audio component. 

Many video editing reviewers believe the products they use have room to grow in that area.

Users of six of the eight products in G2 Crowd’s video editing report mention audio editing as a dislike. They are particularly critical of audio editing, mixing and effects. Audio mixing is one of the top three features needing improvement for both Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X, the two most-reviewed pieces of software in the report.

Exporting - When it comes to exporting video files, reviewers of four different software products report significant challenges. Some reviewers reported export times that take too long while others said that there are too many settings or that the settings are confusing. An unfortunate few experienced frequent errors or crashes while exporting files.

Key Features for All Non-linear Editing Systems (NLEs)

Keyboard Shortcuts - Having a familiar keyboard shortcut layout is important for users new to a video editing product. If the keyboard layout is industry standard it allows users to easily move between programs and become comfortable with the software. “Keyboard shortcuts” has been identified as one of the most useful features for six of the eight products in G2 Crowd’s video editing report.

Plugin Support - Frequently video editing products do not do everything their users need them to do out of the box. With the ability to support plugins, video editing software becomes more customizable and functional. The number of plugins available, and the cost of those plugins, also affects the functionality of a video editor.

Utilizing user reviews to evaluate a product space frequently yields data that provides clear feedback to software vendors on current product issues and on ways to improve and enhance the products in future releases. In the video editing category the users have clearly stated that simplicity, quality and stability are the keys to user satisfaction.

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