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Creativity doesn’t just open doors. It opens worlds. Storytelling has the power to transform the way we view one another and the world around us. When aspiring creators see role models like themselves tell their story, they are inspired to do the same, creating an opportunity for more cultures and perspectives to be understood and celebrated.

And we know there are even more great stories out there, just waiting to be told.

That is why Adobe today announced ‘The Great Untold’, a new partnership with Netflix giving emerging creators creative support, mentorship and a greater platform to bring their stories to life. Participants can pitch their story idea via TikTok or Three creative submissions will be selected and made into short films. Each creator will be given a $10,000 grant, access to Adobe experts and Adobe tools, including Adobe Premiere Pro video software, and be paired with a mentor to guide and inspire them through the creative process.

Mentors will include playwright, filmmaker and author David Talbert — producer, author and costume designer, Lyn Talbert, who co-produced Netflix’s first live-action musical, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey — and Ryan O’Connell, lead actor in the Netflix series, Special.

Adobe and Netflix will provide access to the equipment, tools and crew needed to start production on the chosen short films. Local communities will also be invited to participate as film set crew, wardrobe, extras, and more — look out for ‘The Great Untold’ in unexpected places.

In addition, the short films from the creators will feature alongside a behind-the-scenes style docu-series that will showcase the creative process, documented by Nadia Hallgren, director of the Netflix Michelle Obama documentary ‘Becoming’.

This partnership is another important milestone in Adobe’s ongoing commitment to enabling creativity for all. Last year, we launched Diverse Voices, a platform on where everyone can be inspired, learn and share their creativity. Our original series, called Create Change, brings together diverse creators from a spectrum of disciplines to share how they are using creativity to be inspired and make an impact in the world.

Adobe also partners with some of the world’s most influential artists and organizations to inspire and enable emerging creators. From our creative challenges, where we team up with artists like Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga, and most recently, Marshmello to create a music video inspired by “Be Kind”, to being a founding partner of the Sundance Ignite x Adobe Fellowship program, empowering a new wave of emerging, diverse voices.



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We are tremendously excited about ‘The Great Untold’ project and look forward to sharing the work with the world.

‘The Great Untold’ was made in partnership with creative agency AKQA, and the campaign video features voice over from the star of Netflix comedy series ‘Never Have I Ever,’ Maitreyi Ramakrishnan.

The competition starts May 17. Trailers for film ideas can be submitted via or TikTok until June 13, 2021. Visit here for details.

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