After Effects 2013 Conference Preview (and Why You Should Be There)

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This year’s After Effects Conference is quickly approaching, so we caught up with the producers of the event, FMC, to learn why this year’s learning jam session is one not to be missed.  

Q: Why is After Effects the industry standard for motion graphics and visual effects?

A: After Effects has become the industry standard for the simple reason that it’s the best at what it does. It’s the application with everything - robust typography tools, powerful non-destructive effects, rotoscoping technology, stabilization features and the ability to create breathtaking visual compositions. Plus it integrates with other Creative Cloud applications like Photoshop and Premiere Pro - where you have actual “copy and paste” support. And finally, it’s fun. When a tool becomes as popular as After Effects, it’s contagious. What might look intimidating at first becomes much less so when you have friends and colleagues who are pushing to learn and create with you.

Q: How has the new Cinema 4D pipeline affected the After Effects artist?

A: It’s opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Maxon, the makers of Cinema 4D, is an amazing company. They’ve been at the forefront of 3D software for more than two decades. What Cinema 4D does so well is provide After Effects users the ability to incorporate 3D effects into their projects easily, efficiently and professionally. It’s stunning what a single artist can now achieve with these tools.

Q: Who should attend the After Effects Conference this year?

A: The After Effects World Conference was designed to help motion graphics and VFX professionals, first and foremost. But we’ve also created an entire learning track for Editors who are new to After Effects. With the surge in popularity of Premiere Pro, many editors are looking to enhance their cuts and projects with amazing graphics and effects, so we have four different categories of training, catering to different skill sets and interests across this unique community. But there’s no need to overthink it, if you love After Effects or want to learn to love it, this conference is for you.

Q: What aspect of the conference are you most excited about?

A: Hands down the trip to Adobe. On the first morning of the conference, Friday, September 27th, we’re loading up all of our attendees in buses and going to visit the Adobe headquarters in Seattle. This is where the After Effects developers and engineers work each and every day, so it’s like getting a sneak peak behind the curtain. Once we’re there, we’ll be treated to workshops and presentations hosted by the After Effects team! Getting to interact with and learn from the brains behind the software is an amazing opportunity. And we’re wrapping up with an evening barbecue, so it’s going to be a blast.

Q: Any new prominent speakers we should be getting excited about?

A: We have an amazing lineup of speaking talent at the show, and we’re particularly excited about hosting our two keynote presenters Mark Christiansen and Brian Maffitt. Mark is an exceptional artist and visual effects supervisor - having worked on films like Avatar, Beasts of the Southern Wild, The Day After Tomorrow and much more. We can’t wait to hear and see what he has in store. And then there’s Brian Maffitt, who has a wonderful history with After Effects. Brian designed plugins for AE that Adobe later acquired, and now come standard with the application. He was also one of the very first instructors for the application. In fact, he’s trained many of the instructors out there teaching AE today, so we’re thrilled to have the “department chair” come share his wisdom.

Q: Tell us about the awesome prize giveaways for attendees. 

A: This is another area where our attendees have gotten lucky. Adobe has generously offered to provide all of our attendees with a complimentary 3-month subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. It can boggle the mind when you think about how many different projects, in different mediums, a person could create with those tools.

Plus we’ll be raffling away some truly awesome prizes – all expenses paid trip to Post|Production World at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, a free training course at FMC and a host of very cool plugins and prize packages for After Effects. 

Q: How can our users sign up? (Include discount code and deadline, if applicable).

A: Very simple. Just visit to see everything the conference has to offer, and to register for the show. We also have a 10% discount code in effect until Sept. 16th.

Folks can email me at to redeem.

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