Alex Gans on working with Dreamworks & Climbing Your Own Ladder of Success

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Working with heavy hitters like Paramount, Disney, Warner Bros. and Dreamworks doesn't come easy, but for ProHUBber Alex Gans, it's all in a days work. Learn what this industry pro has learned while climbing his ladder of success, creating his own production company and pitching his pilot to networks next year. 

Q: When was it that you realized you wanted to start a career in the production industry?

I was studying art in college and was able to start playing with after effects. This was back in like Version 2, I think 1995.  I had always loved shooting short films and skateboarding in high school, now you are telling me I can add effects and mask things, okay I dig this. I eventually went to graduate school for film and media arts and moved to LA, been here ever since.

Q: How did you go about working and getting gigs with industry heavy hitters such as Paramount, Disney, Warner Bros., and Dreamworks?

I worked my way up for a few years eventually landing a freelance job at Click Media, an award winning post house in Santa Monica. They needed someone to help design/edit the special features content for Dreamworks Madagascar. After the project was finished I was hired on board as Senior Editor and got to be on the for front of DVD/Blu Ray design on amazing titles for Disney, Paramount, Warner Brothers and Dreamworks. One of the best jobs I ever had in this business. 

Q:  We saw you recently revamped your website and are ready to take on even more clients than ever before, how do you stay up to date on the latest software, equipment and news?

You just have to be up on the latest gear when you work in this business. I make sure to read up on what is coming out, specs, etc. Always looking out for something new to help me tell my stories better. 

Q: What aspect of production is your favorite? The editing, producing or motion graphics side of it? Why?

I would have to say editing- to me, it is the puzzle maker and the problem solver, at least in the area of post. It is up to us to make the story come together. The producing side is a close second, I have always been into it as I love making sure we get what we need in the edit bay. 

Q: How have you noticed the industry change since you first started?

Definitely, The internet has changed the way we view media. I mean Netflix is competing against major networks at the Emmys. I think we are in a exciting time in film, tv and new media.

Q: What piece of advice were you given when you first started in production, that you still follow to this day?

Shut up until it is time to not shut up. 

Q: What has been one of your favorite memories working on set or in post? Can you tell us what you were working on at the time and what made this specific memory one of your favorites?

I think when I first started working at Click Media on Madagascar. I remember sitting in the Dreamworks private theatre watching the rough cut of the film thinking this is pretty damn cool. 

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the two feature-length documentaries you edited and produced? What was the best, and yet most challenging part of creating a doc?

The first one I worked on was about Angelo Dundee, the legendary boxing trainer. Loved working on that film because I always had respect for boxing as a sport, one on one. The one I am truly proud of is the one I finished last year on Austrian artist, Gottfried Helnwein. It was the moment in my life where my love of film and art came together in a project. 

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

I am currently working on a pilot food show which will be shopped around to the networks next year. I am really looking forward to new projects and collaborators that I will get to work on and with in the years to come. 

To learn more about Alex visit: GansMedia or ProHUB

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