Anonymous Force Behind 2D Animation YouTube Channel with 1M subscribers, Javadoodles Collaborates with Puberty Podcast Podcrushed

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In our latest interview, we talked to the anonymous creative mind behind Javadoodles, a whimsical, digital animation YouTube Channel featuring 2D drink-based animation characters. Javadoodles’  infectious adult humor is enjoyed by over one million subscribers and their most popular video, “I Guess I’m Not Ready to be an Adult,” has 23 million views. 

Recently, Javadoodles created animation for Podcrushed, the podcast where You actor Penn Badgley reads fans' middle school stories. Javadoodle’s animation accompanies the Podcrushed episodes Die 4 U and Goodbyebrow and illustrates the cringe, awkward, loveable moments of puberty. 

PH: What initially inspired Javadoodles? 

Javadoodles: Javadoodles started out as a Tumblr account that documented my coffee cup art (I used to draw directly on actual cups), and then it turned into a comic strip about cup characters. It really escalated when the concept turned into actual animated shorts about cup characters, which is what my TikTok account was. From there, it took on a life of its own, and now it's a YouTube channel full of animated shorts content. Additionally, I am inspired by comedy videos and funny voiceovers. My goal is to make people laugh with my animated content.

PH: Can you talk about your animation background and ultimately why you went with 2D animation? 

Javadoodles: I have about 10 years of animation industry experience, working at various studios in New York and Los Angeles. 2D animation always felt very natural for me, as I grew up drawing 2d. The first flip book I made was in 3rd grade on a bunch of post-it notes. Ultimately, it felt right from the start. 

PH: Why was YouTube the platform you wanted this to live on?  

Javadoodles: YouTube was actually a huge accident. My priority platform was TikTok for the majority of 2021, and then YouTube launched their Shorts feature. I posted some of my work on YouTube, mostly out of curiosity. Out of nowhere, a bunch of my animations blew up. YouTube is now prioritizing short-form content and it seems like they are making it their main focus going forward.

PH: How did you come up with the content for the channel? Were these characters created simultaneously or did you make them up as you went? 

Javadoodles: The content of my channel started out pretty basic. I would download audio from TikTok and then animate a cup character with that audio. Then, I discovered comedian Kevin James Thornton (@kevinjamesthornton), who became a driving force for my animation storytelling. His unique stories along with his cadence and autotune effects just made the storytelling super inspiring to me. The majority of my animated stories feature Kevin's voice and he's a huge supporter of this project! I'm so grateful I've gotten to collaborate with him on so many animations.

PH: Why have you chosen to remain anonymous? 

Javadoodles: I want to keep the focus on the actual animation. People ask for a "face reveal" all the time on YouTube but I think there's something fun about keeping the mystery alive. At this time, I do not think it's necessary to focus on anything other than the actual art.

PH: Do you have a favorite character - if so, what is it and what inspired it? 

Javadoodles: My favorite character is my generic cup dude with a lime wedge on his head. I just call him Kevin, since Kevin James Thornton's stories always feature this same character.

PH: You recently created animation for Podcrushed. How were you approached for this project? 

Javadoodles: I actually was the one who emailed Podcrushed out of the blue. I happened upon their website and I noticed they were gearing up to start releasing episodes. I just sent them a cold email introducing myself and inquiring if they needed animation to help in their storytelling. They were super receptive to it and I had the privilege of working with them on two animated shorts, which you can find on their YouTube channel. The Podcrushed team is so wonderful and great to work with!

PH: What was your creative process behind these Podcrushed episodes? What did the collaboration look like? 

Javadoodles: The creative process was a lot of fun. We jumped on zoom calls and talked about major story beats, and then I created a storyboard for them. We then had a storyboard review and discussed any potential changes in direction. Then I went ahead and animated everything. I also worked with a few other animators on these pieces, and they're credited on the actual YouTube videos. It was a lot of fun to share my creative voice with the Podcrushed team and also honor their original vision!

PH: What are you hoping this year holds for Javadoodles? What's next on the horizon?

Javadoodles: I'm hoping to keep growing my YouTube channel and keep working with great brands/amazing people. My overall goal is to just keep telling amazing stories and making people laugh. I really can't ask for more than that.

Javadoodles is a fully independent animator, based out of Los Angeles, with over 10 years of animation industry experience. The popularity of javadoodles became apparent during the lockdown of 2020 and beyond due to the channel's success on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Most recently, javadoodles hit over 1 million subscribers in a matter of months. Javadoodles has collaborated with various voice actors, animation studios, podcasts, and comedians such as: Penn Badgley's Podcrushed podcast, Katy Perry Nickelodeon, Kevin James Thornton, and more. 

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