Antelope Audio Shines Bright on Rihanna's Diamonds World Tour

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Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour might be over, but Antelope Audio shines bright, bringing superior audio quality front and center. Learn what pieces of equipment are crucial for audio pros, along with audio tips/ trends that make Antelope Audio a “go-to” for production pros to the stars. 

Q: How did Antelope Audio land the gig of supplying audio for Rihanna on her Diamonds Tour? What pieces of equipment were crucial for the best audio possible?
A: We’ve established our line of clocks and converters on the studio side over the past 8 years as the premier product line for high quality audio, but live sound is its own animal and breaking through in this sector has taken somewhat longer. What tipped the scale for us with several major artists has been the Orion32. Offering 32 channels in a one space rack without sacrificing a high level of audio quality is a Godsend for live touring engineers. This resonated immediately for Demetrius Henry (Live Playback Technician with Rihanna). Upon his request, we brought the Orion32 and 10M Atomic Clock to the Rihanna rehearsals at Sony Studios in Culver City and after they heard that combination, her audio team started asking where else in their audio path our products could be used to enhance their sound quality. We worked our way through the chain with each visit to Sony and ultimately Antelope is in use at nearly every possible stage of the audio signal path on this tour.

Q: What trends in audio technology do you notice are on the horizon?
A: What’s so interesting about the Orion32 is that we feel it very much represents the future of pro audio. Greater channel counts, smaller size, less heat and power consumption, along with improved stability, while offering wide compatibly on multiple platforms. Based on the success and rapid acceptance of this product, there can be no doubt we will see more development along these lines.

Q: If you could share one major production/audio tip for pros starting in the industry, what would it be?
A: We believe the roots of high-quality digital sound lay in advanced clocking. This technology lies at the core of all Antelope products. A superior clock can make an average converter sound much better than a poorly clocked high-end gear. Eleven-time Grammy Award winner Rafa Sardina, an avid Antelope Audio user, says that high quality speakers and clocks are crucial equipment for a studio “because when making decisions in the studio, it’s most important to know what exactly it is you’re listening to.”


Q: If you can describe the company in three words, what would they be?
A: Quality. Innovation. Value.

Q: What’s next for Antelope Audio? Any new major projects/clients you will supply audio for?
A: We are currently focused on not only revolutionizing the audio industry, but on the evolution of our own products. We firmly grasp the reality that it’s not only about building the “latest and greatest” new audio gadget that will sustain growth in our industry, but supporting and evolving our current offerings of solutions for the studio, live sound, and the home. To that end, we have constantly been evolving our Eclipse384 and Orion32 drivers and control panels to increase their power for our loyal customer base. At the same time, we are currently developing newer and we believe more powerful solutions, such as our upcoming Zodiac Platinum converter, which will offer both standard PCM and DSD conversion, as well as some exciting new studio products.


Q: What is one thing about your company that people might not know?
A: We’re not sure people understand how much emphasis our engineering team places on the analog aspect of our designs. The amplification, power and analog components matter quite a bit for both master clocks and converters. We think it would come as a surprise to many if they knew how carefully the analog aspect of our products are treated and the level of importance we ascribe to that aspect of design.

Q: What do you feel sets your company and its products apart from competitors?
A: Antelope has pioneered digital audio breakthroughs since we began. It started with using an oven-controlled oscillator for greater stability in our crystal-based clocks, which we still do to this day. We then added an atomic clock to our line, which was engineered specifically for our line of clocking and subsequent audio conversion products to provide the utmost in stability. We’ve also broken barriers in sample rates and channel counts over the USB protocol. Suffice it to say, Antelope Audio is focused on innovation not imitation.

Q: Any thing else you would like to add? 
A: In addition to presenting the new Zodiac Platinum 2-channel high-end converter next month at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver Colorado October 11-13, we will be presenting the Orion32 at the New York AES Show together with various other studio products as a complete Orion-based recording and mixing solution. The Orion32 allows recording enthusiasts to shrink the size of a very powerful studio, even to the degree that it can be easily transported for live and remote gigs with relative ease. This will be the focus of our AES demonstration in NY on October 17-20.

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