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Tips to Take Your Website to the Next Level

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In this series, ProductionHUB employees answer frequent questions from the ProductionHUB community.

Rachel Woloshin, ProductionHUB Marketing Manager, answers:

Having a professional portfolio website is the easiest way to display your work in one place. It’s an extension of your professional brand so it must match the quality of your work. You could be the next Rachel Morrison, but you could miss out on jobs if you don't have a usable website. It’s now easier than ever to create your own website, no coding required. Keep these tips in mind when you’re building your site.

Getting Started

There are many websites that allow you to easily design and host your own site in as little as an hour. Wix, Squarespace and Wordpress are the most popular. Choose from templates (or create your own if you’re an overachiever), add in your information, purchase a domain and it’s off to the races. It may sound daunting, but with the right guidance, it doesn’t have to be difficult. 

The Fundamentals

  • Be to the point. The first thing someone should see on your website is who you are and what you do. You have 5 seconds to capture your website visitor’s attention so don’t send them on a scavenger hunt to figure out if you’re a DP or a Makeup Artist. 

  • Make it readable. Don’t try to get fancy with a swirly font in an impossible to read color. This isn’t 2005-era MySpace so leave the flashy cursors and scroll bars in the past where they belong. For your first site, stick to a sans serif font in a dark color on a light background. 

  • Be easy to contact. Your contact information should be prominently displayed and easy to find. The whole point of this is to get clients! You can't get hired if your email address and phone number aren't on your site. 

  • Display your reel. Put your most recent reel on the homepage. Make sure it plays properly and looks professional. Need to refresh your reel? Keep these tips in mind.

  • Organize your work by type. For example: if you’re a DP that shoots music videos, corporate video and narratives, create separate pages that showcase your music video work, corporate video work and narrative work. That way, potential clients can filter your work by what is relevant to them. 

  • Include testimonials. This will show that you’re a great team member and it would be a mistake not to hire you. Showcase a mix of recommendations from former clients and crewmembers to show off that you not only produce great work, but you’re also a great addition to any team.

  • Check all links and copy. Make sure all of your i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. You don’t have to be Aaron Sorkin, but check for spelling mistakes and typos — you don’t want to be that person that misses out on a gig because you used the wrong “your” or misspelled cinematographer. Test all links before publishing so that way a potential client will actually be able to get your Instagram instead of lead to a 404 page.  

  • Differentiate yourself. List other information about you that would make you a desirable hire. Have special professional skills? Brag about them. Own gear? List it. 

Bonus Points

  • Do you like to write? Add a blog to your site! This is where you can really showcase your expertise. Your posts might even be shared on social media where you can reach more potential clients. 

  • Have a few projects you’re really proud of? Transform them into case studies where you tell the full behind-the-scenes story. Instead of just letting the work speak for itself, give insight into how you work. 

  • Add analytics to your website so you can tell how many people are finding your website, how they are finding it, which pages are most popular and more. Looking at your website analytics will help you understand what content is helping you get more work. 

Once your website is live, make sure you add it to your ProductionHUB profile and your social media bios. You never know where a new client may find you. For social media tips, check out our last Ask ProHUB blog post.

Need some inspiration? Take it from the pros. 

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Rachel Woloshin
Rachel Woloshin
Rachel Woloshin is the Marketing Manager at ProductionHUB. Throughout her marketing career, she has worked with companies in a wide variety of industries, ranging from Silicon Valley tech and venture capital to healthcare and higher education institutes. Rachel helps the ProductionHUB team build and expand their online presence. Connect with her on Twitter @woloshinr.

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