Audio Network Introduces World Documentary Series: Recorded Cinematic Scores from Around the Globe

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Audio Network has recently introduced their World Documentary Series, a collection of beautifully recorded cinematic scores that evoke scenes from around the globe. 

Ali Johnson, Audio Network Global Head of Music, gives us an exclusive look into the idea behind the series.

Where did the World Documentary Series idea come from?

We had been asked by various clients to deliver the orchestral scores we are known for but infused with authentic, ethnic and local instruments and textures to be used in documentaries, current affairs, wildlife and natural world programming. We decided to do this by creating a series of albums representing individual continents so that we could instantly evoke a location through the choice of ethnic instrumentation fused with accomplished film / TV score composition.

How did you decide which geographical locations to feature in this collection?

This was partly down to the specific regions where the requests were coming from and also insight into the international styles most requested by our clients in general. We spend a lot of time pulling together feedback and insight from our clients and also looking at the data that reflects their usage of our music across the catalog. Given the range and complexity of international styles of music across the globe, we decided to start at the continent level. I’d like to do more in the future, North and South America for example. 

Which musical styles/moods are used most within these international albums?

We tried to create music that gives a sense of a scene or events that a filmmaker could be capturing in content that reflects the world around us. In briefing the composers, we talked about imagining a scene you might see frequently in the documentary context (scenes in natural world programming for example) and write the score to those scenes. We then left it to the imagination of the fantastic composers involved to choose the mood and stylistics within the continental brief for each album. The music has been beautifully written by Terry Devine-King (Middle East), James Brett (Africa), Jordan Gange (Asia) and Mark Buys (Australasia and Polynesia). The albums were all recorded at Abbey Road with the finest orchestral musicians and written and arranged to include ethnic percussion and melodic instrumentation to give a sense of location.

Which types of video content are you most excited to see this music placed in?

Personally, given the original brief of the project, I’d love to see producers and editors inspired to use the music to score wildlife, the natural world, and lifestyle programming. Given the epic nature of the albums and the wonderful writing and overall production, I can also see the music being used in high-end drama and cinematic contexts when the genre is relevant!

Should we expect a second part to the World Documentary Series in the future?  

As mentioned above, I’d love to expand the collection to cover the Americas and of course Europe but, as with all of the continents, there is so much music and rich stylistic color across countries and regions that we could start there and get into much more detail and only scratch the surface. Ultimately, we just want to release amazing music to inspire our customers – so watch this space!

Listen to the World Documentary Series Playlist

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