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Audio Network has introduced NowNextFuture, a brand new platform for showcasing their artists and composers’ debut releases.

NowNextFuture celebrates incredible new music, with no genre limitations. Audio Network's Head of A&R, Jay Greenwood, gives a behind-the-scenes look into the creation and progression of this new platform. 

Where did the idea for NowNextFuture come from?

Greenwood: We were looking to evolve our Undiscovered series which had helped launch the careers of a number of our most successful artists and composers. We wanted a platform and brand which we could use as a vehicle to celebrate all our debut artists and composers on Audio Network. It’s great new music with no genre limitations – whether it’s an unknown electronic artist working in their studio or a massively successful film composer making music for us for the first time. NowNextFuture was born out of this.

How do you see NowNextFuture benefiting Audio Network clients and the media industry in general?

Greenwood: It gives them access and insight into some incredible artists and composers and the opportunity to use amazing new music that isn’t available anywhere else. Whether a client or consumer – ultimately, everyone is a music fan. We want them to get to know the talent behind the music, who can tell their stories and take everyone on the journey that has led to their music being released through Audio Network. Through bespoke art design and amazing content, we’re able to tell those stories in a truly impactful way.

What kinds of artists and musical genres should we expect to see from NowNextFuture?

Greenwood: Anything and everything, NNF is about launching artist and composer debuts from across the musical spectrum. It’s the incredible alt R&B sounds of NE1 or West Coast hip-hop legend Andy Cooper from Ugly Duckling, the astonishing new artist talent Nemi or the massively respected LA film composer Joe Kraemer, UK Hip Hop champion Clement Marfo or the twisted indie soul sounds of Greighwolfe.  

How often should we expect to see new music from NowNextFuture?

Greenwood: We have EPs and albums lined up for the rest of the year, and every month will feature at least two NNF releases. 

What are you most excited to see from NowNextFuture over the next year?

Greenwood: We have some incredible debut releases in the pipeline. Ultimately, I’d love to see our clients as excited and engaged by our NowNextFuture artists and composers as we are, with great placements and usage across film, TV, advertising and online. In the coming months, we’ll not only be releasing into our catalog but also commercially on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and beyond. We’re redefining the boundary between commercial and media music.

Discover new NowNextFuture releases now:
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