#AudioVisual Pros Will Stay Ahead of the Curve by Attending the 2015 Audio Video Expo in Denver

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The 2015 Rocky Mountain Audio Video Expo (#AVX2015) takes place in Denver on October 28-29, 2015.  

For over 20 years, AVX has brought together vendors and professionals from all across the country who specialize in video, sound, broadcast, animation, engineering, and media. This year, AVX has focused on expanding these offerings by including experts in conferencing, presentation, HD, and 3D fields.

Here are our top 5 reasons you can’t miss this event:

1. Cutting-edge technology and thought leadership in the Rocky Mountains

When it comes to video production and digital media exposure, Colorado and its neighboring states too often get dismissed by execs in Los Angeles, New York, etc. With AVX located in the heart of Denver, the West gets the same cutting-edge access as the coasts – in its own backyard.

2. Leading #audiovisual companies and the best of the “rising stars” in one place

AVX’s exhibitor list features over 100 booths that encompass both established and up-and-coming names in the audio-visual industry. Find out what the innovators are working on right now, test out new equipment in your market, and tuck a few business cards in your pocket to expand your professional network.

3. Connect with local and regional #AVpros who know what they need

With a focus on ‘staying ahead of the curve’ this year for media professionals, the Audio Video Expo draws in people who understand the audio-visual industry inside and out. They know what’s needed to stay competitive, and they’re dedicated to connecting with vendors and thought leaders who can provide it. When you exhibit at AVX, you put what you do best in front of an audience who knows how to make it work for them.

4. Looking to expand? Do some recruiting

Does your business or department have an opening for an experienced audio-visual, marketing, social media, or other professional?  At AVX, you’ll meet many of the best minds in the industry in a relaxed, collegial setting, giving you the chance to discover whether their professional skills are the right fit for your company.

5. The best new information from the best sponsors and presenters

From Bradley David Brown’s keynote, “The Race Is on For Your Data – and Video!” to the final presentation, AVX is full of leaders in the audio-visual, engineering, IT, security fields, and much more, providing the information you need on the topics that matter most. Take notes, chat with neighboring attendees, and ask questions of the professional presenters.

BONUS: For a hands-on approach, don’t miss the workshops! Presentations provide information you need when you need it. However, if you’re the hands-on type, don’t miss the scheduled workshops at this year’s Audio Video Expo in Denver. They include “What’s that Noise? Perfecting Your Audio” (a workshop presented by Infocomm with Renewal Unit Points available), a workshop on the Adobe Creative Suite, and much more. View the full schedule on the AVX website here and register for #AVX2015 here.  

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