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For most people who hear the title "corporate video production", I would imagine that some of the first words that come to mind are boring, dull, stiff, or lame. You'd be surprised to find that some companies are producing corporate videos that are anything but lame. They are in fact innovative, artistic, and eye catching pieces of work that engage their audiences and set new standards for everyone else following in their footsteps. The new generation of video production professionals have all of the tools necessary to raise the bar in terms of imagination and execution with the advent of modern technology and its affordability...which has had people like myself jumping up and down like a child for the past seven years. 

One might be asking themselves, what is corporate video production? That could mean so many different things! Well it does. From promotional/advertisement videos, training videos, conference and seminars, product videos, testimonial/interview videos, animated tutorial/explainer videos, video resumes, and video brochures... "Corporate Video Production" becomes a broad term. 

Below, we are going to look at examples of some of the top 3 best Corporate Video Production firms, top 3 best pieces of gear for corporate video production, and the top 3 best corporate videos.

Top 3 Best Corporate Video Production firms

Keywest Productions ­

Located in Toronto, Ontario, this professional corporate video production company has an award winning team of producers, DOP's, video editors, and animators that come together collectively and produce some amazing results. With over 26 years of experience in the industry, they have developed a reputation that caters to large corporations, small businesses, start­ups, and nonprofit organizations. Known for being professional, flexible, and fun, this company produces video content for such companies as Audi, Bell, BMW, Benjamin Moore, and BMO. 

Multi Media Makers ­

This agency has built a strong reputation for being one of the top companies in the corporate world to go to for innovative video production. Located in Subiaco (Perth) West Australia, this powerhouse team of professionals knows what it takes to expand a company’s success. They utilize a strong in­-house team to tackle scripting, media consultation, filming, interviewing, smart editing, and animation. The founders of this company have over 20 years experience in journalism, audiovisual, and online videos... and it shows in their quality of product.

Demo Duck 

Founded in 2011, this Chicago based company has really carved out a strong niche; hand-crafted online videos that sell, teach, and train. They use animation combined with live action to produce "explainer" videos. To date, they have created over 300 handcrafted video’s for small and large companies such as Dropbox, Lowe's, Netflix, and Panasonic just to name a few. They pride themselves on having an anti ­one­-size-­fits­-all approach and loves to make each video unique from another. These guys produce videos that deliver results... the proof is in the pudding. 

Top 3 Best pieces of equipment to use on Corporate Video Productions 

Motion Control Sliders ­

Companies like Kessler, CAMblock & DitoGear are designing and constructing motion control slider rigs that can break down and be transported easily as opposed to some of the clunky motion control rigs from back in the day. Not to mention the price point is significantly less. This new technology allows for cameras to get fluid shots in tight cramped little spaces that just wasn't possible to achieve before without a ridiculous budget. 

They have allowed cinematographers everywhere the ability to be more creative and capture engaging, stunning imagery with ease. 

3­Axis Motorized Gimbal Stabilizers ­

Companies like Freefly Systems and DJI are creating 3Axis Motorized Gimbal Stabilizers that have a multitude of options like stiffness, majestic operation, and remote operation which is a total game changer! The guys with the old steadicam rigs and helicopter pilots will possibly start crossing over in droves to maximize their knowledge and compete to get more jobs (we're already seeing signs of it). Aerial cinematography and the use of the steadicam have seen a steady increase since this technology was released and we are seeing corporate videos reach new heights in terms of imagination and execution. If you are going to use a 3­Axis Motorized Gimbal Stabilizer for steadicam use, unless you're the Hulk, you're going to need an Easyrig to help balance the weight to give your arms a rest and let your core do all of the work. Which brings us to our third innovative piece of equipment. 

Aerial Drones ­

The steadily rising popularity of aerial drones and the controversy surrounding them have changed the world of Cinematography and offered a whole new approach to capturing beautiful/imaginative imagery as well as causing the implementation of new laws and restrictions. Companies like Freefly Systems are creating revolutionary drones like the Alta that have the ability to carry cameras like the RED Dragon, Arri Alexa Mini, and other cameras of similar weight with ease. Companies like Phantom are creating a more affordable option like the inspire which has a built in 4k camera similar to a GoPro.

There is however a third market, custom rigs. A lot of pilots and enthusiasts have taken it into their own hands to design their own custom aerial drones. All of which are risky options if you don't have a pilot who has enough experience flying and that knows the limits of the equipment.  

Top 3 Best Corporate Videos

Okay, maybe they're not the best in terms of statistics, but they are perfect examples of Corporate Video Production done right...

Dollar Shave Club ­Our blades are f***ing great . 

'Buyral' ­: John Street ­

Stephen Merchant Presents: "If We Won" with Newcastle Brown Ale


So there you have it... a little hint of goofy goes a long way with today's consumers. Corporate video production has jumped leaps and bounds from the past. People want strong engaging content that is risky, fun, and colorful, not safe, boring, and to the point like we used to see. So with that being said, my hat’s off to all of the folks who help to create better content for businesses, the agencies/production companies, the equipment companies, and the consumers demanding better content... Thank you.

Here are 5 additional resources that can help anyone looking to advance their knowledge of corporate video production and learn more about the companies/firms that create them:

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