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The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just wrapped up its massive display of all things tech in Las Vegas. Attendees were never left with a dull moment over the course of the show, with the latest tech in transportation, VR, wearables and more lining the showroom floor. 

One thing was very clear: the quality of technology is enhancing, and rather quickly. 

Virtual reality continues to evolve, drones are still owning the airspace, cars are getting even better at driving themselves... the list goes on and on. But what really stuck out at the show?

We have a few products we really want to see more of in 2016. Here's our list: 

Best Gear for the Gamer

Oculus Rift and Touch 

Coming to users in the spring, the Oculus Rift and Touch combines motion sensors and positional cameras to track each controllers position to the headset. One of the most notable features are the sensors that will be able to detect hand/finger movements as users control elements inside VR games. There has been no word on how much it will cost, yet. 

Best Drone

Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K‎

Featuring a six-rotor design, a 4K camera that spins around to face any direction, and dual operator controls, this drone was a major contender for one of the best drones on display at the show. Yuneec will be offering a few different versions, with premium models featuring a collision avoidance system by Intel RealSense. The price point for the basic model is $1,799. 

Best Surprise Tech

Kodak Super 8 Camera 

One of the hottest, and most surprising, product reveals from the show has got to be the Kodak's Super 8 Camera. It's built around the classic Super 8 film format, but has upgraded some of its parts. The optical viewfinder has been replaced with a flip out LED screen and there is now an SD card slot for recording sound. The film is the real winner here, though, and processing is included in the cost. If you're into retro, affordable filmmaking, this camera is for you. No exact price has been determined.

Best Smart Lenses

Zeiss Smart Lenses

Move over Google Glass. What if smart glasses actually looked like glasses? Now, they do, thanks to Zeiss, who introduced the first product at this year's show. These "ordinary" glasses hold extraordinary tech inside of them. By integrating a Fresnel structure into a standard lens, and mounting a very small display at the edge of the lens. The light from the display is reflected into the lens and hits the Fresnel structure, which reflects that light into your eye. Prices vary. 

Best Headphones

Audeze Sine 

If you love fancy headphones, you won't be disappointed with these headphones that have planar magnetic drivers, which bring out subtleties in acoustic recordings and gentler music. Typically over-ear planars have a rep of being bulky, but not these guys. They are perfectly compact. They start shipping next month for $500. 

These products are just a few of the many that attendees are still talking about after the show. And we've got a whole new year to enjoy them. 

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