Bid to Win: 3 Ways Freelancers and Companies Can Authentically Pitch a Project

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Over the past decade, there has been a shift from using sterotyical announcers, to those voices that are more authentic and relatable. A year ago, professional voice talent Kelley Buttrick, set out to engage Jeep execs and ad agency reps through a bold personal branding campaign, #KB4Jeep, and through one key trait - authenticity. 

“Authentic: real or genuine, not copied or false; true to one’s own personality, spirit or character” - Merriam-Webster Dictionary 

How many times have we heard a client say, “The production must feel authentic to the brand”?

In an era of social media smoke and mirrors, how can you sell yourself without selling out?

As freelancers and small business owners, we’re our own products and cannot hide behind shields of corporate logos and tag lines. To succeed, we must put ourselves out there and do it authentically.

Throughout my career, I’ve found authenticity to be the perfect vehicle to create connection and discover selling points. Here are a few tips on using authenticity to sell yourself:

1. START ENGINE: Search the Internet and social media to learn your client’s culture.

As a long-time Jeep owner and fan of the brand since childhood, I already knew Jeep pretty well; but, when I launched #KB4Jeep, I fully immersed myself in Jeep and the culture of the creative agencies behind the brand by engaging with them on social media, reading industry trade articles and diving into the brand’s history.

2. ALIGN: Find intersections where your work ethic, experience and creative philosophies align with those of your clients.

For my purposes, Jeep’s four pillars of Freedom, Adventure, Passion and Authenticity echoed my own business philosophies, and it is these four intersections that inspired #KB4Jeep.

I also discovered an intersection with Jeep’s Agency of Record through gender diversity initiatives. DDB Chicago is leading the charge to diversify the advertising industry, especially when it comes to women.

Not only am I a woman pitching a traditionally male-centric brand, but all of the #KB4Jeep content and strategies are tailored to represent Jeep’s four core values. Once you find your intersections, it’s time to use them to your advantage.

3. DRIVE: This is where the rubber meets the road. Your project bid or interview talking points need to demonstrate your research and deliver on where you align with the client. 

Each of the #KB4Jeep posts promote at least one of Jeep’s core values, and my engagement with its agency of record often centers on the question of gender diversity in casting.

Working through these three simple steps will spotlight your own brand, convey your genuine interest in your client’s culture and deliver authenticity to the project when you win the bid!

About Kelley Buttrick

Kelley Buttrick, KB Voiceovers, is a professional voiceover talent with a pre-VO background in marketing and public relations. Tapping into her experience and passion, she did something no one in her industry had ever tried. She launched #KB4Jeep, a full-scale marketing campaign to voice for Jeep. More information on Kelley can be found at, and #KB4Jeep’s story and content can be found at

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