Breaking World Records While Building a Video Team

Maggie Burke insights from Content Marketing World 2015

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We all know how powerful a creative video can be. But how do you build the right infrastructure AND the right team to tell your stories in a fresh, compelling way?

At Content Marketing World 2015, Senior Director in Corporate Marketing with EMC, Maggie Burke delivered a session on "Building a Better Video Team for Broadcast & Storytelling Success." 

Here are a few takeaways that she says ensure ultimate video success:

For ongoing campaigns, try to target a specific audience

EMC recently decided to tell their own story. They knew big black storage boxes aren't that sexy by themselves. And they knew they wanted to target their demographic of males, 35-60.

So they decided to answer the question: how fast is the fastest motorcycle in the world? (Morecambe Missile - John McGuinness)

Once they developed the demogrpahic, they proceeded to put sensors on numerous aspects, create a big data pool, gather information and answer the question: what makes John so fast?

Find their sweet spot.

Once you have determined who your target audience is, it is then that you need to find a "sweet spot," something that really peaks their interest to make them tune in for more. 

In the case of the Morecambe Missile, your target audience would be Chief Information Officers - between the ages of 35 and 60. The number one spot they follow globally is Formula 1 racing. Use that knowledge to your advantage.

Redefine records by creating ground breaking content. 

It was then that EMC had the idea to jump an 18-foot truck with Lotus and put it on Youtube. 

Shortly after the video became on of the most viral videos of 2015. They literally broke a World Record while almost breaking the Internet. The ROI attributed to this video was in excess of 15 million worth of business. 

Bring Video In, But Scale with Freelancers.

Her No. 1 rule on content creation in business was to bring the video team in-house--but also scaling with on-location freelancers to save money on equipment, time and extra expenses. The most difficult person to find? A producer. This will be your most difficult hiring challenge, but when you find the right fit, it will be worth the time invested in finding and training. Feel free to borrow from complementary industries that support your video goals -- whether it's reality style, journalism/TV world, etc.

She then mentioned that the best place to look for talented professionals was (no, we couldn't make this up) We had not met them before, but it was a happy accident hearing a testimonial while taking notes in a session!  

Image courtesy of: Maggie Burke

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