Canon's CINE-SERVO Zoom Lens & Future

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Delve into Canon's CINE-SERVO Zoom Lens to learn it's functionality and features, along with the future of of the company and it's other new products. 

* What is it about the CINE-SERVO Zoom Lens that makes it a must have for production professionals? What are some key features?  
More and more ENG and reality shows are looking for the shallow depth of field that comes from shooting with larger sensors. With the Cine-Servo lens, these shooters can achieve that look without changing their shooting style. The focal range of 17mm-120mm is also a big advantage. The coverage from the wide angle to telephoto range offers a big plus over other comparable glass. 

* What does the future hold for Canon U.S.A.? Any other recent news or products our readers should be on the look out for? 
At NAB, we recently announced new additions to our XF high definition camcorder line.  We now offer the XF205 and XF200 that also has applications across the digital cinema and broadcast markets.

* What trends in technology do you see on the horizon? (Besides 4K.)  
From the glass side, I think lens media data is becoming more important. Canon has supplied still shooters with lens metadata via our EOS lens for years, and a lot of those principals will apply to the moving image as well. 

* Where did the idea for the CINE-SERVO Zoom Lens come from? 
The idea came from the end users!  For as long as I can remember, we have had servo lenses designed for smaller sensor mounts that were the bread and butter of ENG-style shooting.  But over the last few years, as the look of reality shooting has changed to closely mirror the look of a drama, more and more shooters were asking for a lens that would offer the swallow depth of field that we see on a cinema camera.  That led Canon to explore the development of a cinema servo lens that may be in preferable in many cases to other servo lenses.  When we announced the product at NAB, there was a lot of excitement around it.

* Where will Canon be next?
Our next show is Cine Gear Expo at Paramount!

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