Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes, presented by Chase

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This year the Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes received a complete technology update, including an 8K LED upstage display providing lifelike dynamic scenery. Additionally, digital projection mapping of the iconic theatre stretched an immersive environment across all eight of the venue’s  arches. Cutting edge content creation studio Obscura Digital was tasked with making audiences feel even more connected to the show, with brand new visual content for both the LED and projection. batwin + robin productions also returned to update and enhance existing content from previous shows. The result is a truly unique show experience.

Each performance number saw a visual transformation. A custom 91ft wide x 39.4ft tall 3.4mm pitch LED wall, integrated by VER LED Install, allowed for stunning 8K resolution visuals. The wall consisted of 1,344 ROE BO3 tiles, combined with VER’s award-winning M8 4K Processor.

“Fans will be awed by the updated technology in this year’s Christmas Spectacular,” said Larry Sedwick, senior vice president of production, The Madison Square Garden Company. “It’s truly the most immersive theatergoing experience available in New York and beyond.”

Building a spectacular LED wall of this scope is extremely demanding. Manufacturing began over 90 days prior to installation, while onsite installation of the LED display tiles took only 3 days on site. One of the biggest challenges was integrating with a ground-up redesign of the facility’s signal distribution architecture based on cutting edge 12G-SDI 4K/60 equipment. To create the 8K display, four 4K raster needs to be kept in sync from servers all the way to LEDs to ensure that the image is seamlessly displayed on every frame. VER’s Ritchie Argue, product manager LED processing mentioned, “I met with Evertz, Christie Digital, and 7th Sense Design to do extensive compatibility testing prior to the installation to overcome the potential integration issues that would be faced using our native 4K M8 processor.”

Chris Dee, Vice President Entertainment Technologies at Madison Square Garden Company mentioned “Our vision for this project was to meet the goal of pure audience immersion. The 8K LED wall was going to require innovation, while also standardizing on equipment and format at RCMH.  VER’s team delivered on providing the most nascent technology and pulled off the impossible in only a few short months. The result is an incredibly immersive audience experience pioneering the way in which many live events will be seen by audiences. Many industry peers and audiences alike remark on the new wall as “stunning” – that pretty much says it all.”

VER provided LED Install services for the Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes. VER LED Install team ardently ensured Radio City’s LED architectural visions became a stunning reality, acting as systems integrator alongside AV H/W vendors, content creators and Radio City Music Hall.

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