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A Look at the Upcoming Expo

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This year, Cine Gear Expo Los Angeles runs from May 30th through June 2nd and is one of the premier annual events for professionals engaged in the technology, entertainment and media industry.  

Cine Gear Expo will be held at The Studios at Paramount Hollywood and will feature 300 exhibits, new product and service introductions, over 30 complimentary seminars led by industry leaders, master classes, film competition, awards ceremony, special screenings in state of the art theaters and lots of opportunities to network with peers within a studio environment. Needless to say, it's going to be a busy few days.

Many industry professionals love attending this show to get more time to look at the gear and have deeper discussions about the gear with other filmmakers and exhibitors.

Who will be exhibiting at Cine Gear? All the big guns in the camera space — Panavision, ARRI, Sony, Panasonic and Canon — will all be there. Then add in some of my favorite lenses: Cooke, Angenieux, Zeiss and Schneider Optics. Rounding out the hit list with players like Atomos, Teredek and SmallHD. Let's take a look at some of the exciting things that will be on display at Paramount. 

Digital Cinema Society Panel: Buyer POV on LF Cine Lenses

Sherry Lansing Theatre, Screening Room 5
Friday, May 31 @ 3:45PM

I love all things lenses and the Buyer POV on Large Format Cine Lenses is a must-attend event. If you want to learn more about Large Format Cine Lenses this is the place to be. I can’t think of a more important event to attend if you are in the market for lenses, a LF sensor camera, or just want to wrap your head around this rapidly growing area of interest for the film industry.

Sigma Lenses (Booth 71A)

Sigma offers really solid lens choices that make for clear and accurate imaging that won't break the bank. This year Sigma will be showing quite the array of lenses at their booth. You should set aside some extra time to look over these lenses. You could be there a while.

Sigma FF High Speed

Sigma Cine FF Zoom Line

Sigma Cine High Speed

Band Pro (Booth 70)

Band Pro, in partnership with Angenieux and Jebsen CineCast, will be showing their latest lens project: Angenieux Optimo Primes at Cine Gear Expo 2019. Optimo Primes provide full frame 46.5mm image circle coverage with a consistently fast 1.8 T-stop. All focal lengths provide maximum flexibility with fully interchangeable mounts including LPL, XPL, PL, Canon EF, Nikon F and Panavision XL. Optimo Primes will support both Cooke/I and Arri LDS, and feature common gear size and position across the entire 12-lens set. Focal lengths for Optimo Primes include 21mm, 28mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 135mm for the initial 6-lens production run scheduled for delivery Fall 2020. The complete 12-lens set will include 18mm, 32mm, and 100mm lenses delivering Winter 2020; and 24mm, 60mm and 200mm completing the set in Spring 2021.

Band Pro’s President and CEO, Amnon Band noted, “Band Pro has a history of actively developing the next generation of cinematic tools. Partnering with Angenieux on Optimo Primes is nothing short of a milestone achievement. We’ve worked hard to capture the essence of classic Angenieux glass, and paired it with the most advanced modern optical engineering to make a lens unlike any other.”

First unveiled at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, Optimo Primes will be on display at Cine Gear LA at both Band Pro’s Booth 70 and Angenieux’s Booth 40. 


Litepanels (Booth 15J)

Litepanels will have the new Gemini 1x1 Soft LED Panel on display at their booth. The Gemini 1x1 Soft is an all-in-one, cine-quality LED light. The new LED offers an accurate full-spectrum white light and — as a full RGBWW light — delivers every color in the 360° color wheel and plus/minus green adjustment fixture. Gemini 1x1 Soft builds on a foundation of daylight-to-tungsten light, providing accurate white light together with precise color adjustment.

Weighing in at just 11.7 pounds (5.31 kilograms), and with a maximum draw of just 200W. Users can instantly switch the light from AC power to battery power —using V-Mount, Gold Mount, or XLR output batteries while retaining similar lighting intensity.


Anton/Bauer (Booth 15J)

Also new for Cine Gear is Anton/Bauer’s Titon, a series of Gold Mount and V-Mount batteries designed for on-location productions.  Titon is offered in both 90Wh and 150Wh models, Titon powers DSLR, mirrorless, ENG and digital cine cameras as well as LED panels.

With P-TAP and high-speed Smart USB ports, Titon can also power accessories such as wireless transmitters, follow focus and lens controllers, monitors and smart devices.


OConnor (Booth15J)

The 2560 is the latest addition to the OConnor fluid head family. The continuously adjustable 2560 offers sinusoidal counterbalance and fluid drag that together provide smooth movement over the payload range. The 2560 also offers cine-standard position of controls (including brakes) and a front-handle mount for intuitive, controlled positioning of the camera, as well as a lightweight magnesium housing and carbon-fiber cover.


Creamsource (Booth S302)

Creamsource, formerly known as Outsight, will present the newly launched Creamsource SpaceX at Cine Gear Expo 2019.

SpaceX features six LED engines, with 1200W of LED power providing an output the equivalent of a 5K Tungsten spacelight. With an optional optic set, SpaceX’s output is increased to nearly double intensity, while delivering a wide and even beam.

SpaceX offers a color rendition with a typical CRI of 95 from 3200K to 6500K, and full-color temperature adjustment from 2,200K to 15,000K with a full stop of Green/Magenta control. The unit is lightweight and ergonomic form and includes an integrated power supply, an efficient active cooling system, and a Lumen Radio receiver as standard.  

Creamsource will also demonstrate the Micro Colour LED unit, crafted to provide white light color quality, as well as producing vivid, saturated colors.

disguise (Booth S319C)

At this year's Cine Gear, disguise will show how the disguise platform can be used in live production environments like film. They will also be providing a look into the latest features in the disguise production toolkit. Extended Reality (xR), allows production teams to deliver augmented and mixed reality within studio and film environments, improving talent immersion, interaction with CG elements, and providing real lighting information on actors and real objects.

When asked about exhibiting for the first time at Cine Gear, Ash Nehru, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at disguise, said, At disguise, our goal is to work closely with successful and visionary practitioners to help develop the next generation of immersive experiences. We're coming from the live entertainment industry, which gives us a fresh approach to the challenges of the film environment. We're excited by the creative potential of xR and can't wait to get these tools into the hands of experienced industry professionals.”

Indipro Tools  (Booth 151)

Indipro Tools manufacturers power solutions for digital and professional video applications will feature several new power solutions and accessories at Cine Gear Expo 2019. Among these are the company’s new Porta-Pak battery and accessory items. Two new RED-compatible Micro-Series lithium-ion batteries, as well as a new NITRO SDI splitter and power distribution box, will also be on display at the show.

Included among these is the new Porta-Pak battery kit for the Blackmagic Design 4K Pocket Camera (BMPCC4K), which includes both the Porta-Pak battery, charger, 2.1-mm LP-E6-type battery power cable, and travel case, as well as the new battery mounting enclosure. This external adapter enclosure is made of aluminum and allows the Porta-Pak to be inserted and locked or swapped into a different mounting configuration without having to remove the enclosure. Additionally, the included small charger supports 90-240 VAC worldwide input voltage and provides a quick 2A current charge via a 2.5-mm DC plug on one end, and a U.S. wall plug on the other.

Also new to Cine Gear are two new additions to Indipro’s Micro-Series line of batteries, a 98Wh and 150Wh model, both V-Mount Li-Ion RED-compatible batteries. Micro-Series RED batteries can communicate detailed battery information to RED DSMC and DSMC2 cameras, which is then displayed in the viewfinder. The 98Wh battery has an output of 14.8V, with a capacity of 6.6Ah and supports up to a 12A draw. The 150Wh battery outputs 14.8V, with a capacity of 9.4Ah and supports up to 12A draw. The new batteries also feature a standard D-Tap port for powering accessories, as well as a built-in USB interface that provides the ability to charge devices during a shoot.

 That's a Wrap!

Cine Gear Expo is shaping up to be a great show! Don’t forget to come by and see ProductionHUB at Booth 95. What are you most excited to see at Cine Gear this year? Leave us a comment below!

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