Concept To Call Time: Basic Tips For Creating Indie Projects

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Los Angeles-based TV Host, Speaker and Filmmaker in Los Angeles, Chundria Brown, is no stranger to the industry. She produces and hosts a TV Talk Show called The Chundria Show that discusses health and wellness, love and relationships, and lifestyle topics. As an independent TV program, the show currently broadcasts in 105 US cities — a milestone she just celebrated with a special #100CitiesStrong mixer in December 2019. 

She provides her expertise on how to create your next big indie project. 
  1. Proper Planning Is Key

You have an amazing idea for a project and you wholeheartedly want to see it come to life. Whether it’s a short film, interview-style show or podcast, it will take proper planning.

Before you assemble your team of all-stars or hit the record button the camera, plan your independent project from from top to bottom. For a film or TV show, finalize the script. For your interview show, pick some topics and find some guests to interview. Plan what you’re producing and what you need to get in done as smoothly as possible.   

  1. Raid Your Contact List & Collaborate

Tap into your resources and ask for help on your project. When I first launched my TV Talk Show, I asked my friends for plenty of help to run my camera and be my special guest subjects for interviews. At this point, you've already figured out everything you need to make this project happen. This is where those resources really come into play. Collaborations are so important in the industry and very ideal for independent content creators. For a short film, you definitely are in need of locations to film your stories. A contact of yours might be willing to let you film in their home or business if you ask. You might have a friend who is a really good writer or another who is familiar with video editing software. Then there are the friends who may have no experience whatsoever in production but are willing to hold your boom mic pole on set if you show them the ropes. Although your mission is to secure assistance for your project, you might find someone who deems the opportunity mutually beneficial. So scroll through your phone’s contact list, social media friends and emails to find reliable people who are willing to help you bring your project to life.

  1. Invest In Time & Equipment

On a scale of 1-10, how familiar are you with the ins and outs of production? You might be a pro with a formal education in film or a novice learning as you go. Either way, continue to be a student in this industry and learn more about different areas of media to aid in your project. It’s also advantageous to find local classes in writing, directing or even editing. If you’re comfortable in those areas, try a class or book on the subject of marketing, podcasting, distribution or the broadcasting business altogether. You’ll also find a great deal of information on the best equipment to shoot your film project. Purchasing or renting high-end equipment to film an independent project could be costly if the overall budget is low. However, investing in mid-grade equipment such as a camera and lighting could make a huge difference in the overall production value. So break out the manual and spend time learning the bells and whistles on your equipment to ensure your project is a success.

  1. Promote Your Project

I believe in celebrating big victories and little wins. We could be happy about 100 new subscribers on our Youtube channel or our project’s acceptance into a popular film festival. Completing an independent project is worth the pride and excitement that comes with it. The next best thing to do is to sound the alarm and announce it to the world. Social Media is an incredibly huge platform to promote your project along with uploading your content to popular video streaming sites. Offline, media coverage, articles and word of mouth are effective tools to promote your project as well. For those friends who helped along the way, it would be awesome to include them in the merriment with a launch party or special screening event. Keep those relationships going. You just might collaborate again and cook up something amazing. 


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Chundria Brownlow
Chundria Brownlow
Chundria Brownlow is a Los Angeles-based Producer and TV Host. Her talk show, The Chundria Show features rising talent and guest experts discussing health & wellness, love & relationships and lifestyle topics. The Chundria Show also broadcasts on Television locally in 105 US cities. As owner of Chundria Brownlow Entertainment, Chundria writes and produces original content for Television & Film. Visit her online at

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