Congrats to the 2015 Pro100 Winners!

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We are back at it again with our 2nd annual PRO 100: the 100 most popular and trusted profiles on ProductionHUB this past year. These complete profiles are filled with awesome reels, stellar portfolios and generally inspiring work, and when 6 million people are searching through ProductionHUB, the PRO 100 are the ones getting found and hired.

Congrats to all the Winners! (not ranked in any particular order)

5K Productions      

6 Strong Media      

Eleven4 Films   

AbelCine / NY        

Adrenaline Films    


AJA Video Systems  

AgentRepresents / RED camera rentals 

Angelina Pictures   


August 2 Productions, LLC  

AV Actions  

Aviv Moon Productions  

Band Pro Film & Digital  

Beverly Boy Productions – Miami, FL  

Blackburst Entertainment   

Blackmagic Design  

BlueRock Productions & Studio  

Bongo Post / Bongo Films  

BREAKIRON Animation&Design, LLC  

Broadcast Management Group  

Catamount Productions LLC  

Carl Zeiss

Casadonte Productions - Texas  

Chuck Green  

Creative NYC 

Crew Connection 

Crystal Pyramid Productions / Crystal Pyramid Inc. 

Curt Apduhan   

CVM Productions 

CW Sonderoptic 

Danielle Minnella  

Daniel Stilling  

Dave McNutt  

Digital Cinema HD   

Digital FX, Inc. 

Digital Zoetrope Productions  


DreamWelder Productions LLC  

Evolve (Nashville) 

Foto Care 

FOX Studios Production Services  

Future Media Concepts, Inc. - New York  

Garden Creative 

Gavin Borden   

Ginger Media & Entertainment 

Glendale Media Center  

Grant Peacock  

Heroic Age Studios 

High Def International TV- Ontario  

Hollywood Center Studios 

Idea Werks Studios 

Joe Giannotti  

K2Productions – Charlotte  

Kristy's Makeup Artistry & Hair Design Team

Lance Kaplan 

Larry Kaltenbach  

Light Vision Media

Little Big Bang Studios 

Location Sound Corp.

Loyal Studios  

Magic Dog Creative – NYC 

Maginnis Film & Entertainment Insurance Services  

Mark Weiss / Weiss Productions  


Max Hirtenstein

Media FX Video Production  

Meredith Boyd   

Moving Picture Electronic Services  

Neil Curschman  

National Video-Documentors 

New Pro Video Systems  

North County Media Center 

New York Video Crews  

On Time Elite Location Vans, Inc.  

Paradise Video & Film  

Picture This Production Services 

Platinum Platypus Inc.  

Plumgood Productions  

Producers (MD)  

Production RVs & Base Camps 

PulseCinema, Inc.

Riverfront Stages, Inc. - Standing Sets in Los Angeles 


Seventy 7 Productions 

Skystorm Productions 

SlapStick Audio  

Sly Audio Productions  

Snowy Peak Entertainment  

SoHo Coaches & Catering  

Solarity Studios  

SolidLine Media 

Sony Creative Software  

The Camera 1 Group  

Total Production Services  

VER - Video Equipment Rentals - Glendale  


Warner Bros. Studio Facilities  

Windmill Studios NYC  

Washington Source for Lighting, Inc.  

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  • Curt Apduhan said…
    Saturday, March 14, 2015 7:04 AM
    Thank you Production HUB community! Curt Apduhan, Cinematographer
  • Crystal Pyramid Productions said…
    Thursday, April 02, 2015 4:35 PM
    Thanks Production Hub, your the best and we here at Crystal Pyramid Productions of San Diego thanks you for the honor of being in this elite group of professionals of top PRO 100 most popular and trusted profiles for a second year in a row. Mark Schulze & Patty Mooney
    Crystal Pyramid Productions / New & Unique Videos
    San Diego, CA 92119
    (619) 644-3000
    Check us out at for all your video production & stock footage needs !
  • Skystorm Productions said…
    Wednesday, April 08, 2015 6:25 PM
    It’s an honor Production HUB, thank you! -Skystorm Productions
  • Pete Sussi said…
    Tuesday, May 26, 2015 10:12 PM
    Thanks for the recognition Production Hub! Always great to be recognized.
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