Congrats Zacuto on Winning Your Shiny New Emmy Awards!

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Congrats to Zacuto for winning not one, but two Emmy Awards earlier this month. 

For the fourth year in a row, Zacuto was honored by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) with two awards for their film, Light & Shadow.

The film won in two categories this year:

* Outstanding Achievement for Informational/Instructional Programming
Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn, Scott Lynch, Producers.

* Outstanding Crafts Achievement Off-Air: Director
Steve Weiss

How the Film came to be:

Steve Weiss had the idea to interview as many great cinematographers as possible to ask them about their process. The project continued to grow for almost a year as the crew collected more and more stories from the best shooters from all around the world. They would bring camera gear to trade shows or screenings and setup backdrops to shoot interviews whenever they could. Producer, Scott Lynch shares that their hopes for this film is to simply inspire others to keep working at their craft and to never give up.

Is 'Light and Shadow' a love letter to cinematography? A message to future filmmakers? A reminder to us why we love this industry? The answer to all three is an absolute, positive yes.
See for yourself.

Watch Zacuto's Acceptance Speech below: 

content & images courtesy of Zacuto

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