Developing Your Media Company (or Personal) Elevator Pitch

Gain new clients with your 30-second sale

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by Alicia East, Crew Connection

A prospect you’ve been trying to reach for weeks ends up in line ahead of you at the coffee shop. When you introduce yourself, your handshake better be firm, not clammy; your delivery better be confident, not desperate; and your pitch better compel her to ask for your business card. Whatever solution you offer, you’re more likely to end up selling its value on the fly than in a conference room full of decision makers. 

With the talent and experience on your team, you already know you offer a great experience and a dynamic final product for any department’s media needs. The 30-second sale gives you a chance to make sure your prospects know. The market is crowded and despite topnotch talent, you may struggle to get a seat at the table. Communicating confidently, clearly, and concisely keeps your business cards in demand and your phone ringing.

To become the talent of choice, you must be ready to communicate your value—anywhere, any time. Have your “back pocket" value proposition deck ready so at a moment’s notice, you can pull out the right card. Treat your prospects like the big agencies do. They come to each inter-action equipped to sell—knowing they must earn confidence to earn business.

Consider your services, strengths, and technology assets from your potential client’s perspec-tive so you can communicate in a way that resonates with them. They must walk away under-standing how working with you benefits them.

Once you have all your cards in your back pocket, create opportunities to play them. Effective and consistent industry networking is the foundation for your growth. Identify key stakeholders within your network and pursue departments and businesses you know are an obvious or imme-diate fit. Spend time in the right places so you can put yourself on the other side of the table. Show up where potential clients hang out. Drink lots of coffee. Eat two lunches a day if it gives you an opportunity to share your value.

Create your seat at the table—whether you were invited or not. 

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