Driving TV Everywhere: Innovations, Challenges and the Tools of the Trade

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by Nina Streich

Mike Green, Senior Director, Strategy & Development, Comcast

Eric Hybertson, Director, Rendering Devices, Time Warner Cable
Glen Stone, Convergence Strategy and Standards, Samsung Electronics America
Michael Bishara, VP/GM TVE, Synacor
Damon Phillips, Vice President, WatchESPN & ESPN3

Eric Hybertson: Time Warner Cable uses multi-DVR product, deployed more traditional streaming media through Time Warner Cable TV application.

Glen Stone: Samsung provides extra service  look to aggregate and give content choices.

Michael Bishara: It’s important to take into account how TV gives instant gratification, not just linear, not just VOD, but the breadth of the experience. When users start to watch they have no idea what they want to watch. Our job is to give them choices in how they watch and how they interact.

Damon Phillips: It’s about the desk-available screen that allows people to watch the content they want, where they want.

Moderator: When is an experience good enough to talk about?

Damon Phillips: It’s a personal experience. People have to personalize their own interests and it’s not consistent across everything.

Glen Stone: When do you deploy? Wifi is a good example. At first, most people didn’t need wifi with desktop computers. It was a pain in the butt at first.  Now it’s everywhere. The time to deploy is when the utility is greater than the frustration. The education of the consumer is happening a lot faster. 

Michael Bishara: The majority of the market is not aware of TVE yet.  Our consumers are going with major brands first. 2013 is really the year of TVE. The number of players we’re integrating and the size of our team is growing.

Moderator: How do you decide what to produce next?

Damon Phillips: You have to invest in resources. You don’t want to drive a 2011 model in 2013. You must always innovate.

Michael Bishara: Satisfying the core propositions of watching TV and bringing it to as many platforms as possible; to be able to bookmark where I am from one device to another. We have to stay close to the marketplace we sit between the consumer, the producer and the content provider.

Glen Stone: We want a uniform way to get content on all devices. It’s an internal and external choice. It’s important to get the ecosystem growing as quickly and as best as possible.

Moderator: Where is the watching going to happen?

Damon Phillips: We don’t care where you watch, we just want you to come through the door. And can we measure it? Can we monetize it?

Eric Hybertson: We want people to watch all our content wherever they want to be. We can simplify it for our customers to come through out portal.

Damon Phillips: The future of TV is going to be in more personalized experiences. We’re talking to multiple companies about working out this personalization. We’re open, we just want our users to be happy.

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