Drones and Their Impact in the Film Industry

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Drones have become more and more popular to the film industry in recent years. A vast number of feature films are being shot using drones. Both mainstream and indie filmmakers have opted to use drones in order to capture aerial shots and the results are stunning!

Drones and Filmmaking

In the film industry, drones have changed the game, wherein filmmakers all over the world use them to capture awesome footage and images without having to get a cameraman on an actual helicopter and shoot the video from there. What's even better is that, even with this gadget’s portable size, it is already able to shoot high resolution videos that are theater worthy.

When running a business that involves capturing videos and images, such as with events, weddings, festivals, and the like, having a drone will definitely be a plus since it enables you to get more footage with less manpower. During the time when drones were not yet a trend, videographers would need to assign multiple people to different areas of the venue just so multiple angles can also be taken. But with the convenience of drones, even a single person can take the same, or more, number of angles just by flying the gadget from one area to another. It can also capture crystal clear videos that normally, are beyond any person’s reach.

What Makes Drone so Appealing?

These flying gadgets that consist of multiple rotors (usually four), and a built-in high resolution camera used for taking high quality videos and photos from a bird's eye view. Drones are being controlled by an individual through a remote control that is designated for that specific device, and although there may be instances where a similar drone model may also have a similar looking remote, unique channels are used to avoid device interference and control problems. All this means is that people can use multiple drones in the same area without risk of signals getting crossed and accidents occurring. Drones are also budget friendly, so if you’re trying to make your first indie feature and don’t want to skimp on the video quality, a drone is an excellent choice for aerial shots, downward sweeps through the neighborhood and real life zoom!

Lightweight and Easy to Use

Drones have been designed to fly almost anywhere and at any time they’re needed. Its lightweight aerodynamic body makes it ideal for aerial shots. Choosing one with powerful motors and large props would ensure its stability while flying at significantly high altitudes. Controlling them only takes a few minutes to master, and they’re light and portable, not bulky, making them easy to travel with.

Advanced Features

Different models of drones are equipped with a wide range features. Choose one with advanced features, such as computer-assisted smart shots and smart management system for battery life that determines how much longer your drone can stay in the air so you won’t have to reshoot. Each model has a lot to offer with new technologies including support and safety features, so there’s nothing much to worry about. Some drones have built in cameras, and some have gimbals or harnesses that can hold an action cam. This capability enables 4K aerial shooting, and once 8K technology is released, that will be possible as well. All of these features can be seen live-streamed to your mobile device, so you can be sure you’ve gotten the perfect shot.

Capture Dynamic Shots

Capturing high-quality aerial images is made possible by professional drones. With professional drones, flying time is longer so you can expect a video latency of 180 minutes or more making it ideal for filming. Quadcopter has a good maneuverability while flying so the driver would be able to get 360 degrees of still or moving, panned shots. Drones bring a flexibility to the table not many other cameras can. Let your imagination work unhindered, and use a drone to make your creative vision a reality.

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