Emmy-Winning Filmmaker's Top 5 Online Video Marketing Trends to Join in 2017

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Video marketing online has revolutionized marketing. This next year will solidfy video as run of the mill, as business cards are for any company.

A bad video, just like a business card, will decrease your customer base and your image. If your video looks cheap, then what will the customer think your products or services are like? Video is a direct reflection of your business and its quality and trustworthiness. Video marketing is a make or break moment for image. The best marketing is always a work of art. Consumers know this.

Here are the five online marketing video trends you need to join in 2017:

Branded Video Content

India's Promise from Erik Angra on Vimeo.

People all want a story. It's not enough to just push your business. Your clients want something to hook them in when surfing the web. The more well done, the better. Discerning consumers appreciate a video marketing campaign that is also entertaining. This is where professionals come in. Branded content often combines celebrity or influenced talent with a real story and filmmakers. Some of the largest brands have entire websites devoted to this art. Branded content can also be achieved by investing in current projects and donating product or insisting on a credit or logo on movie posters. I guess this first one is not totally online, but a growing trend nonetheless. 

Look at all your social media platforms and you’ll find branded video content, which not only reflects and promotes a certain product but also introduces you to the business, or further on explains their service. There is an estimated increase of 37% on social views. You can benefit from social apps like Facebook and Snapchat. These are personalized apps and are the most easily reached, but remember keep your content catchy and focused. If your video is a drag no one will opt for your product.


Yes, GIFs are becoming a great increasing trend and their usage in the future is surely going to increase as they can be used as shorter teasers or short version of a longer video. These are an excellent medium to create the pre – hype, as they get the quickest attention. Why these are more beneficial is because they are easy to detect on crowded timelines, and they take the least time to be viewed. Even making an effective GIF is not worthwhile unless done by a professional. Extra points if you Google cinemagraphs. 

Live Streaming

For all the Facebook users, live streaming is the new cool. According to stats, people who use Facebook are more hooked to live streaming as compared to the normal uploaded videos. Make your live streams fun and more interactive with the target audience and this will rapidly grab their attention and attract them to your marketed product. Ensure that live streaming doesn’t get very dry or uniform; add different variants to it while ensuring that the marketing is done on the right track. You don't have to always use your iPhone for this one, but if you do make sure you have a stabilIzing device. There is nothing harder to watch than a shaky iPhone video.

Video in Email (yes that's right)

As traditional as it may sound, video in email marketing is very attractive and catchy. As compared to the normal emails, if the subject includes video, that particular email has more views and it decreases the unsubscription rate by 26%, however remember to make it short and relevant. The best way is to add testimonials and a detailed review of the product to engage the target audience. Make sure your video is well produced and loads quickly on any kind of computer. It's worth testing before sending it to your 100K person list.

Video Landing Pages (that load fast)

According to stats, 88% people tend to stay longer on pages that have a great and exclusive video displayed. Having celebrity takeovers or simply featuring the company’s employees to the videos are a few ways to increase and reach the target market more easily. This builds trust and it can also lead to the customer making purchases. Just be sure you have compressed the video so it loads fast on your page. If a visit takes more than three seconds to load a home page, according to studies, you will likely lose them. 

About Erik Angra 

Erik Angra is a commercial & television director, cinematographer & documentary filmmaker. The son of Indian immigrants, Angra began his career touring alongside hardcore punk musicians in the US. The footage he released in 2006 featured rare performances from some of the final shows at the hardcore and punk club CBGB's in New York. Angra was a cinematographer for the Emmy Award-winning series 30 for 30 & ESPN short docs. He has also created various branded content campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. He is represented by New York talent agency The Right Eye. His clients include Sony, Ken Burns, Coca Cola, Jet Airways, Vice and the Discovery Networks. His work has appeared on almost every television outlet and major blog.

To inquire about consulting or creative services visit: http://www.erikangra.com.

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