Entertaining Safety: The Entertainment Technology Pro’s Guide to Insurance and Risk Management

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Q: What can production pros expect to learn from the "Entertainment Safety" handbook?
Entertaining Safety: The Entertainment Technology Professional’s Guide to Insurance and Risk Management is a comprehensive reference guide that covers the intricacies of insurance policies and general occupational safety, tailored specifically to the needs of entertainment technology/production pros.

Entertaining Safety will help even veteran business owners familiar with insurance understand the finer points of protecting their businesses, employees, and the people who enjoy the events their organizations help bring to life. In a nutshell, it will provide production pros with the roadmap to help achieve three major objectives in risk management:

*     Acquiring the right insurance policies for business owners
*      Ensuring safety in the workspaces and venues in your line of work and for the people who inhabit them
*      Reduce the likelihood that a company will find itself in litigation

With step-by-step guides to effectively deal with a calamity when one occurs, readers of Entertaining Safety will have the ability to quickly pick up pieces after an incident and carry on with confidence that their business is still secure. 

Q: What is something most people do not know about Insurance & Risk Management in the industry?

Here are 3:

* At the end of the day, treating insurance and risk management as a core component of business operations could be the difference between ensuring great fun for event attendees (and the people who create them) and being put out of business altogether.

* If an accident to injury occurs and especially in "the case of insurance claims and lawsuits" your actions and those of every party involved will be held to any industry standard (mandatory or voluntary)  that exceeds mandatory regulations. 

* Insurance agents who specialize in entertainment technology know in great depth the unique work circumstances of the average rigger, stagehand, electrician, or audio engineer. More important, they know the intricacies that go into creating a safe working environment—and the types of claims that are likely to occur in an unsafe environment—and thus they are in much better position than a generalist to help you mitigate your risk. Just as insuring an antique car is far different from insuring a Chevy, assessing the entertainment workplace requires significantly more specialized knowledge than it does to evaluate the average business.

Q: How did the partnership with PLASA & ProSight come to be?
PLASA and ProSight collaborated in April 2013 to advance PLASA’s Technical Standards Program to increase safety throughout entertainment production. Together ProSight and PLASA made sure that every professional in the business has access to PLASA Technical Standards by making them available to anyone for download, free of charge. Since the standards were made free, more than 17,000 have been downloaded.

At the launch of the alliance, PLASA and ProSight developed a dedicated co-branded website plasa.prosightspecialty.com as a resource for entertainment technology professionals interested in industry insights and skills development. It features fresh content from ProSight and PLASA, benefits of PLASA membership and updates on Technical Standards and Certification, as well as additional information about ProSight’s many insurance solutions for the film and live events industries. Today, the cobranded website is also where Production Pros can go to download Entertaining Safety.  

Q: What are your expectations for this handbook? Where can production pros go to get their hands on it?
Our expectation is for Entertaining Safety to be THE essential insurance and risk management reference book for the entertainment technology industry. It is our sincere hope that this book helps readers and everyone they work with to understand the essential role safety plays in producing great entertainment. We are all in this together—we all win when we are safe.

Production pros can download Entertaining Safety at: http://plasa.prosightspecialty.com/handbook

Q: What makes you an expert on the topic of "Insurance & Risk Management?" What is your experience in the industry and where did the idea to create this guide come from?
Entertaining Safety culls together decades of insider entertainment industry knowledge and specialized insurance and risk management guidance from the experts at ProSight Specialty Insurance and PLASA. Over the course of this year, the two organizations leveraged ProSight’s extensive insurance and risk management expertise and PLASA’s specialized entertainment industry knowledge to develop this simple, straightforward guide that will help entertainment technology business owners protect their livelihood, and maintain a safe environment for their workers and the people who enjoy the events they produce.  

The media specialists at ProSight Specialty Insurance are a group of industry-leading experts who understand the issues that manufacturers, production companies, rental companies and installers face. The ProSight team is made up of specialists with a total combined experience of over 300 years who know the specific problems that entertainment businesses deal with every day.

PLASA is the lead international membership body for those who supply technologies and services to the event, entertainment and installation industries. PLASA is actively involved in the development of standards and directives worldwide. In North America, PLASA leads the ANSI accredited Technical Standards Program which is responsible for developing standards and recommended practices that facilitate the use of new and existing equipment and promote safe working conditions in the industry. Under the TSP, PLASA facilitates a number of industry-led working groups focusing on camera cranes, control protocols, electrical power, fog and smoke, followspot position, performance floors, photometrics, rigging and stage lifts.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?
Insurance and workplace safety go hand in hand. Production Pros may be encouraged to do "just enough" with their insurance policies or the safety measures they implement at their next work engagement because an accident has never occurred while on the job. However, with so many factors out of ones control—weather, other people involved in the production, the unforeseen—it is imperative to take all of the necessary measures to protect assets and the people you help entertain.

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