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Evolve Digital Cinema has two simple goals - to create the best visual media within their power & to always learn, grow and continue to evolve themselves and their work. Evolve Digital Cinema / IMG is a boutique creative production agency that produces digital film, TV, HD Video, Photography and Graphic Design. With a recent Emmy win for a National Geographic video they created, and collaborating with clients such as Disney, FOX and ESPN, this agency keeps getting better and better!

The New Nat Geo Explorers :45 from Evolve Digital Cinema | IMG .

Q: How did Evolve Digital Cinema evolve into the successful production agency it is now?

A: We’ve been incredibly blessed to have been given some great opportunities to prove ourselves and our product. We’ve always approached our work with an insane amount of passion and hard work.

Q: What does the Evolve team do to gain inspiration for creating such sleek and amazing production videos, photos and designs?

A: We’re always trying to make every piece of work better, in some way. We should always be improving and growing - and sometimes that’s a hard goal to meet… but we just try to push ourselves harder and to never be satisfied until we’re confident that we tried our best.

Q: Congrats on your Emmy win! How did you get involved with NatGeo & can you quickly take us through the process you went through in creating an award winning promo piece?

A: Thank you! We had produced some smaller award winning international short docs that we’re getting some great exposure. Long story short - one of the lead creative minds at NatGeo has seen them and then approached us to do the new Explorer Campaign. It was big process to get the end result; collaboration with a very talented team was huge, lots of time and hard work - and worth every bit of it.

Q: What is it that Evolve prides itself most in? 

A: Our passion. We’ve just got a fire for visual storytelling that we can’t put out.

Q: What equipment does the team use when creating designs, videos and photographs for such well-known clients like NatGeo?

A: The Explorers was shot on Arri Alexa, Phantom HD Gold & 5DMK2. We always let the creative and budget dictate the equipment to be used. 

Q: What is a piece of advice you would share with an up and coming creative professional?

A: I’m as much of a camera junkie, nerd bombing, technology loving dude as the next guy.. but I think people get WAY to wrapped up in cameras & equipment. My advice: Never let your camera or tech workflow be the 1st thing on your mind when filmmaking.

Q: What has been one of Evolve’s favorite projects completed in the past?

A: The NatGeo Explorers campaign was for sure my favorite project to date I’ve worked on. Everything about it. The project, the people, the stories, the places and how it all came together. It was just a pleasure to be a apart of.

Q: Anything new on deck the team is working on now?

A: We’re currently in Post Production for a new campaign for Nat Geo’s Wicked Tuna (hitting air around Jan 7th) and we’re in the processing of shooting sections for several more projects as well!

videos courtesy of Evolve

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