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You know how they say: there is no place in the US quite like Miami. With such a unique atmosphere, the city has always captured the imagination of various movie directors, highly acclaimed cinematographers, producers, etc. Here's an example of the city's originality. Imagine if someone was to show you a picture of the Miami cityscape. There's a good chance you wouldn't waste time coming up with an answer. You'd know it right away! Even if you're not a US citizen, the city's charm is quite recognizable! If you're planning to visit this southern Florida gem anytime soon, you might want to check out the famous movie locations in Miami! 

#1 Seven Mile Bridge

Let's play Guess a Movie! We've got a spy-thriller here that features a daring bridge escape before the bridge is demolished. Also, it stars the 38th governor of California playing the lead role. Yup, you've got it correct! We're talking about the action-packed movie called True Lies. So, remember that bridge? Luckily, it wasn't destroyed in real life; it's still alive and well. Otherwise, it wouldn't be possible to travel from the city to the Florida Keys using a car. The bridge will satisfy film buffs, but it's also a place that will guarantee each and every person driving on it a fantastic view you can't keep your eyes off! Also, the Keys are a thing of their own, so make sure you free up some space in your schedule for some quality lounging on one of their beaches!

The iconic Miami waterfront is one of the sights you can't unsee (in the most positive way possible).

#2 Fontainebleau Miami Beach resort

Is there a more cult movie with a Miami backdrop than 1983's Scarface? There's hardly anyone who'd beg to differ. Remember the famous chainsaw scene? If so, you'll want to know that it happened in the Fountainblue Miami Beach hotel. Also, while Tony Montana's on the payphone, you can see it in the background! The place's located on the oceanfront a bit east of downtown. It's safe to say that the hotel somehow captures the Miami energy and feel. Lastly, the pool area is also featured in Scarface; remember the scene in which Tony and his friend are looking for women? Today, that's a place where Miami's cult day beaches happen! 

#3 Hard Rock Stadium

There's a fair chance you'd pay a visit to this one even if we didn't mention it on this list, but it's good you know which movie scenes happened there! This multi-purpose stadium that's home to the famous NFL's Miami Dolphins was portrayed in the tearjerker called Marley & Me. Well, you've probably watched it with your partner/spouse. Do you know the scene when the gang visits a stadium for quality family time? If you're a fan of the movies, don't forget to visit the Jose Mart Park, where several scenes were filmed (notably the dog-training one). You'll find the stadium north of downtown Miami. It's also the home of the Miami Hurricanes and MLB's Florida Marlins.

One of the city's landmarks is the Hard Rock Stadium featured in Marley & Me!

#4 Matheson Hammock Park

If you love to enjoy some beautiful Miami bay views (and who doesn't?), there's an iconic park you must pay a visit to. It's called Matheson Hammock Park, and it's featured in the 1998's Cameron Diaz flick There's Something About Mary. If you can't remember what scene that was, try to recall the one in which Mary hands out burgers right out of her bag. For some - that's a good enough reason to visit this place that has made many decide to stay forever. As the guys from getmovedtoday.com tell us, Miami is a popular destination among people who work from home or need a change of scenery. 

#5 Bayside Marketplace

Here's another cult place on our list of famous movie locations in Miami. Is there a more iconic TV show than 1984's Miami Vice? Once again, we're betting no one will disagree. Bayside Marketplace is a shopping center based in downtown Miami, not far away from the city's marina. Also, it was featured in the famous crime drama on several occasions. Nowadays, it's one of the most-visited places in this beautiful city, and it has a good number of boutiques and shops, bars, restaurants, etc. Anyway, there's also live music on the iconic waterfront you shouldn't miss. Any fan of Miami Vice will love the place! Here's a fun fact: Miami's one of the top 10 fastest growing cities for corporate video production.  

#6 Versailles Restaurant

Have you watched the 2014's Chef? It's the one where that guy (played by Jon Favreau) orders a late-night Cuban sandwich that inspires the whole plot of the movie? You might want to know that the scene was filmed in Miami's cult Versailles Restaurant. Additionally, it's not that far from downtown Miami, and it's known to be something of a political platform for Cuba's anti-Castro exiles. The city's Cuban population enjoys this restaurant a lot! 

Given the heat and humidity, it seems strange that so many films and series have been filmed in Miami. However, one of the reasons the city is a popular filming location is that many climate-controlled storage facilities are nearby. When you're shooting a movie in Miami, electronics and other pieces of shooting equipment should be safe from the heat. A climate-controlled storage unit is absolutely the way to go!

Visit the famous Versailles restaurant and enjoy the world-famous Cuban sandwich.

Final words

That's about it for our list of famous movie locations in Miami and why filming in Florida seems so to be so inspiring! Hopefully, you'll have enough time to visit every single one of the spots we've counted here! However, the city's iconic spirit is present on just about every street corner, so we doubt you'll regret missing anything!

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