Gearing Up for the Texas Production Expo

Q&A With Mikon Haaksman, President of the Dallas Producers Association

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The Texas Production Expo is the premier annual trade show of film/video production services and technology in North Texas. Each year, the top companies throughout the market showcase their latest and greatest services and equipment. TPE will be on May 8th, 2019 at the Grapevine Convention Center. 

We sat down with Dallas Producers Association President Mikon Haaksman to get a preview to the Expo. 

ProductionHUB: Tell us about the Dallas Producers Association. Why did you decide to get involved? 

Mikon Haaksman: The Dallas Producer’s Association is a nonprofit organization, founded just over 40 years ago, that was set up to help producers find a forum in which to discuss common business issues. The organization has grown over the years to become a strong voice for production in Texas and uses its resources to educate, promote and protect its members. 

I became interested in the DPA when I moved to Dallas about 7 years ago. The organization has a strong network of members that helped me build my business in the DFW area. Now I am the president of the organization and we are working hard to provide the best resources for our membership and the production community.

ProductionHUB: What are the DPA's main goals? 

Mikon Haaksman: The DPA’s main goals are to educate, promote and protect its members. We have monthly meetings designed to help members and guests network, learn about production related topics, and keep on top of new trends in the industry. We also work to lobby the state legislature for statewide incentives and pro production issues. We work to ensure our community has a voice locally in the DFW area. We have about 200 active members and a monthly reach of several thousand people in the production community through our social media.

ProductionHUB: Why is it important for organizations like the DPA to exist?

Mikon Haaksman: The importance of the DPA and similar organizations is they provide a venue for local production people to get together and discuss the issues we all face in this industry. We can network while also learning from our peers and our competition.

ProductionHUB: How did the Texas Production Expo get started?

Mikon Haaksman: The Texas Production Expo started a number of years ago as a fundraiser for the DPA. It was originally called the Texas Production Roundup and served as a “mini” NAB Show for our membership. We have been working to shift the focus of the TPE as a trade-show for the greater region to serve as a platform for vendors and production people to learn about new technology, industries and products. We also have several seminars during the event.

Currently, it's a one-day event and is free to attendees. Our plan is to expand the expo to span more than one day, add more vendors and seminars, and become a major destination for production professionals in the South Central United States. We will continue to use the money raised to benefit the DPA, but the focus will be to a much larger audience.

ProductionHUB: What should a first-time attendee of the Texas Production Expo expect? 

Mikon Haaksman: A first-time attendee to TPE should expect a large number of major name vendors who will showcase the latest products and services in the production industry. Additionally, they will be treated to great educational seminars ranging from marketing yourself as a freelancer to large format lenses on cinema cameras. We will also have many door prizes to give away throughout the day.  

ProductionHUB: What advice would give to someone at the beginning of their production career? 

Mikon Haaksman: My advice to anyone beginning their production career would be to network and get out there. I say this a lot, but many of us in production are a little socially awkward. I know I was pretty shy starting out. We are creative, artistic. But if you can learn to step through the shyness and get out there, you will go far. Learn to tell people who you are and what you do, and tell everyone you meet. Eventually, someone will need what you have to offer and it will be the start of a career.

We are really excited about the newest TPE. We have partnered with a lot of great businesses that we think will take us to the next level. At the same time, we welcome feedback and use that to help build a better event the next year. We hope many people will come out and be part of Texas Production Expo 2019!

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