Getting High Quality Video & Audio in the World of the Outdoors

Stephen Heywood, the host and owner of No Boundaries Outdoors and The Tech Buzz

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Stephen Heywood, the host and owner of No Boundaries Outdoors and The Tech Buzz

One of the most stressful, complicated things when you think about it, is getting quality video and audio in an environment where it’s next to impossible. One of the things I’ve ventured out to do, is get high-quality video and audio in the world of the outdoors. This was an easy task with the help of the LiveU Solo. LiveU has hit a home run with this product because it’s so easy to use and set up! (Even the least tech savvy person can go live in under 5 minutes. I know, because I timed it!)

I wanted to be able to take high-quality video and audio and stream live from the woods.

My go-to gear included a Canon HF G40 camcorder, RØDE interview microphone, ATOMOS Ninja 2 (for backup recording), LiveU Solo, Sennheiser wireless transmitter and receiver for the mic and stream in the middle of the woods with no issues whatsoever.

Why would I want to do this? Well, in a world where everyone is filming their hunts and fishing trips, I wanted to take my productions to the next level. The same camera that I’m using in the field to film hunts and fishing trips is the same camera that I use for trade shows. So why not?

Recently, me and my team went to the ATA trade show in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is the Archery Trade Association show – the Super Bowl of archery shows. Every major company in the outdoor industry and archery industry goes to release new bows, gear, camo, and other products.

We had the privileged of covering ATA for two full days and broadcast live 8 hours per day. We took an hour break for lunch, but were back at it with no issues. The LiveU Solo was solid and effective! We reached over 120,000 people in those two days. Plus, a secondary audience of viewers watching the VOD of the streams and the clipped replays afterwards. Not once did we lose signal and everyone who watched kept stating how clean the video quality was and how crisp the audio was.

I can’t tell you enough good things about the LiveU Solo. I’m so excited to see where the technology continues to go and what LiveU continues to bring to the table with it.

If you want to see some of the interviews we did from the ATA show this year, you can see them at my website at


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Stephen Heywood
Stephen Heywood
Stephen Heywood is the CEO of The Tech Buzz and No Boundaries Outdoors. Stephen has been in the tech and broadcasting industry for nearly 11 years. One of his escapes from this is to hunt and fish. After Stephen's audience saw him sharing hunting and fishing adventures on social media, they suggested he produce outdoor TV programs and inform the public about great products used from the outdoor industry. Then No Boundaries Outdoors was born. No Boundaries Outdoors specializes in social media, marketing, and live video. The show and its host take Outdoor TV to the next level with real-time live content and social interactions.

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