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We don’t know if it’s the crisp weather, the pumpkin-flavored beer, or the fact that we just enjoy digging up props reminiscent of days on set- whatever it is, it’s no secret many video production pros & tech geeks LOVE Halloween. 

Marlon Heimerl of HalloweenCostumes.com is the go-to person for costume ideas & DIY inspirations that may tickle your funny bone. Take a look at the list! 

1. Jimmy Fallon and Will.I.Am- “EW” 

“Gender benders” come and go, but this one is forever. This costume is great (& witty) for any set of best friends with a sense of humor.

2. Sexy Rocket Raccoon
Most video geeks were surprised by the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, but moviegoers and production peeps alike fell in love with the flick. (You could tell by the swarm of costume mashups seen at Comic Con this year.)

3. Bendgate
What production geek doesn’t own an iPhone? And more importantly, who hasn’t followed the #Bendgate and #Hairgate story? This one is definitely a fun costume for those with a busy schedule & a love for tech.

4. Dancing Groot
“We are Groot.” For any video geek, Guardians of the Galaxy was your favorite movie of the year, and dancing baby Groot was your favorite part of the movie! So why not bring him to life this Halloween season? 

5. Spider dog
A prank that sparked 102 million views on YouTube is all of a sudden “not a bad idea” to dress your pet in. I mean, who doesn't like dressing up their dog in something humiliating and hilarious?

6. Hannibal “Ravenstag”
With Hannibal breathing new life into this classic, the Black Stag quickly emerged as a favorite among fans unafraid to challenge themselves. This one is another Comic Con favorite – if you love film and horror while looking for a really scary costume, this look will def get you noticed by fellow video production geeks.

7. American Horror Story
With AHS Freakshow debuting at the top of the charts this month, viewers can’t wait to relive this season and the others whenever humanly possible.

8. Orange is the New Black 
Fans have made this a popular costume for a few years now and it’s not likely to go away any time soon. This is another example of TV shows growing and getting more in line with the quality (& popularity) you might find in feature films.

9. DIY The Hound (or just Game of Thrones in general)
Game of Thrones has changed the way we watch television, so just throw in a bucket of KFC and you’ve got a great conversation starter at any party.

10. Sharknado
While most video and production geeks shudder at the very name of Sharknado, this guilty pleasure will have your friends laughing (and possibly shaking their heads) at your Halloween party.

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Find more costumes at HalloweenCostumes.com

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