Grammy-Award Winning Songwriter, Alex Geringas on His Work On Warner Bros 'Batwheels'

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Alex Geringas is a Grammy-award winning songwriter, who is responsible for the score of the entire Trolls TV franchise as well as the score for Paramount’s Blue’s Big City Adventure.

Recently, Alex co-wrote the song My Kind of Monster for Disney’s Under Wraps 2 and is currently scoring Batwheels for Warner Bros. Alex scored this animated series, working closely with the creative team to sonically encapsulate the vehicles that have come to define childhood.

PH: Your work for Batwheels has been submitted for Children and Family Emmy consideration, could you tell us about your work for each project? 

Alex Geringas: The big task of Batwheels is to bring the Batman-Universe to preschoolers and make it accessible and fun! We’re mixing the orchestral bandwidth of a John Williams score with music genres like K-pop, Rock and Trap to an action-packed score - I can’t get enough of it! Also the show looks fantastic. 

PH: Which scene was your favorite to work on in Batwheels? 

Alex Geringas: Way too many favorite scenes to choose from! All the car chases. I also like to take Andy Stuermer’s fantastic songs and make orchestral versions out of them to use in my scores. I think our musical approach to the villain scenes are very special. 

PH: Describe this scene and the significance it has to the rest of the Batwheels. 

Alex Geringas: We’re always trying to find the silly and goofy sides of our villain characters so it doesn’t become too menacing for preschoolers but still make it fun for adults too! And that’s always a big challenge!

PH: What tools, plugins, or instruments did you use in your production of this scene? 

Alex Geringas: For example, for the very 60s Ska-influenced Joker theme I recorded real guitars, bass and Bari Sax. The String Spiccatos are from Spitfire Audio’s fantastic Chamber Strings Library and the B3 is from Logic X Pro’s Library. 

PH: What technical challenges did you encounter while working on this scene?

Alex Geringas: Didn’t have any! I love to work with Logic. It’s so intuitive. I really can focus on writing and producing as I also have my MOV files and my audio recordings in one place. It makes it all so easy. 

PH: What was the dialogue like between you and the creator regarding this scene? 

Alex Geringas: My Executive Producers and Showrunners Michael G. Stern and Simon J. Smith are so supportive and excellent in their own rights so they talked me through every aspect of their Joker-vision before I even had started. Through their precision and ideas I could go and create a theme which we all loved. That’s one of the greatest things and why I feel so privileged being in film and television, you get to collaborate with great storytellers. And in our world collaboration is everything!

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