Guide for Managing COVID-19 Protocols for Film and Television Production

Learn how television and film production offices can go contact-free and paperless from prep to post

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As productions return to work, they are faced with the realities of what it will take to create the safest possible work environment. While some locations have specific restrictions, including quarantine requirements, there are some universal precautions that will apply to shooting in any location  - such as implementing staggered work shifts and/or the zone system,  increasing off-set work,  and limiting contact.

The Safe Way Forward, a joint report from the DGA, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE and Teamsters’ on COVID-19 safety guidelines, recommends that the accounting department should now be paperless - “start work paperwork, contracts, time cards, invoices, etc. should all become digital,” and many of the nation's film offices and largest media companies have also stipulated in their guidelines and protocols that production accounting and payroll departments must embrace digital solutions as well.

Implementing the use of digital solutions and eliminating all paper processes is crucial to limiting contact for the production office. With digital solutions, teams will be safer, data will be more secure, and, with more efficient processes, teams will also save time and money. Digital solutions cut down on travel, office space, supplies, rentals, and storage.

While the call to go digital and the benefits of going digital are clear, many guidelines are a little short on details on how to make this happen, and as filmmakers wrestle with the logistics of following new protocol announcements, it is critical that they get the information they need to safely move productions forward.

To help teams navigate these requirements, GreenSlate’s new best practices guide provides the detailed steps production teams need to take to go digital, including how to:

  • Get started with entertainment payroll, accounting, production management, and communication platforms.
  • Set up approval flows for digital documents.
  • Set up onboarding and build training to get everyone on board with new procedures.
  • Manage payroll with mobile start work and timecards.
  • Enable accountants to work remotely with digital accounting tools for expense management.
  • Simplify post accounting and the incentives process with end to end digital tools.

It’s possible to take the production office 100% remote - the technology is here.

Learn how your team can plan ahead to go contact-free and paperless from prep to post, manage workflows, approvals, and reporting with GreenSlate and other technologies, and even save time and money, with the ‘Production Office Best Practices: Managing COVID-19 Protocols’ guide:

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