How to be Just Like Nobody Else

Unique ways for your production company to stand out

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Think outside the [ ]

Our industry is forever challenged by this one simple phrase.

Be different. Create something new. Entertain me. 

So how do you stand out among endless other creators in a world dominated by massive budgets and endless amounts of experience? It's easy. Break all the rules. 

I can tell you more about the latest lenses or settings to get that perfect shot, but that's not what got us where we are today. It's been my team's willingness to be unpredictable and confident in the pursuit of authenticity. 

It's really easy actually - to follow your own rules...if you create them. 

Let me explain. 

I once showed up to a high end rooftop fashion show with my Tar Heel basketball jersey over my suit. Why? Because everyone else there would be trying their absolute hardest to look nice. I'd easily stand out.

There's also the time we faked British accents and made up an elaborate story of lost luggage to explain our mediocre attire at another red carpet shoot. 

Or the time we snuck into the Electric Daisy Carnival to film a sample video that later landed us a spot on the official live stream crew. 

I'm happy to report that my team's boldness and ability to go against the curve made it easy to break the ice and set up more shoots with clients who questioned what we were doing. 

I'm not suggesting that you attend your kid's graduation with a Kobe jersey on, I'm just implying that people tend to notice those who are confidently marching to the beat of their own drum. 

Our job titles aren't "graphic designer", "social media" or "editor". They're "Pixel Picasso", "Keyboard Queen", and "Film Surgeon". We're driving in the face of corporate continuity every chance we get.

We don't share a photo on Facebook of our previous shoot with the caption "#tbt to Vegas". We post a shot of a historically large crowd with the caption "400,000 people and we still can't get a girl's number."

We're not a Fortune 500 company - yet.

And we're about as new as the iPhone you're reading this on. What we do have is a sense of authenticity and unpredictability that is becoming more and more scarce in this industry as people frantically copy and paste the same ideas to hold a spotlight as long as they can. 

In my opinion, authenticity will always travel the furthest. I challenge anyone reading this to consider a Tar Heels jersey at their next shoot, or a bold statement for the world to see on a respected website's newsletter. Because even if people reject your ideas and think you'll never make it out of the LA valley, at least your pursuit of a dream will be completely yours, pleasantly authentic, and far outside the [ ].

Here's an example:

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