How to Create Captivating Client Testimonials

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From start-ups to seasoned corporations, the task of getting really good client testimonials can be daunting. What are others saying about your products and services? And how can you properly convey the essence and appeal of your products and services to others?

Part of establishing your brand relies heavily on how your brand is effectively reaching its clientele. You can not adequately expect to see a surge in interest in your business unless you have testimonials of your products and services. By having a showcase of testimonials from your existing clients, you are sure to successfully bait new business.

By implementing the following key elements, you are sure to craft the perfect client testimonials for your business’s brand video. 

Lose the Script

When filming clients, your best bet is to not use a script. When interviewing your past and present clients, you want to have them speak as freely and authentically as possible. By having them read from a script, you risk losing a natural, easy-going delivery of the testimonial and potential consumers will notice. The clients that you are interviewing aren’t seasoned actors, so having them go through the task of learning a script can be a bit much to ask of them.

Not using a script will also give you more opportunities for candid reactions from your interviewees. This can often times include remarks that are charming, funny or heartfelt. Having your clients be spontaneous with their testimonials can really have you tap into their heart and soul of your business. The last thing you want for your video is to sound fake and rehearsed. Instead, you can guide your client’s testimony by asking them to answer the following questions:

  • What compelled you to seek out [you/your business’s] products or services
  • What makes you believe that [you/your business's] company was the best out of the competition?
  • What were the results of working with [you/your business's] company? 
  • If a potential client was considering working with you/your business], what would you say to convince them? 

These are just a few questions you may want to use to guide your client’s testimonials. They are in now way regulated to the four mentioned above and it is encouraged that you tailor your questions to fit the impression that your business is trying to convey. 

Use Proper Lighting Techniques

Having good lighting is also just as important as having an unscripted, candid interview. Potential consumers want to be able to see the person they are hearing and see them clearly. Also, don’t let your lighting get too dark or cast too many shadows.

By having good lighting, you are really showing off your clients in a flattering manner. Having good lighting will encourage viewers to “trust” this testimonial. It enables your clients to look warm and inviting, which is exactly the message you want to somehow incorporate into your business's overall theme. Too often will client testimonials be too dark and that often times equates to unprofessionalism, which is a description you want to avoid when describing your business. 

Be Specific - Personalize It

Nothing speaks to potential consumers more than a heartfelt client testimonial. When interviewing a client, have them share their personal anecdotes. No one testimonial is the same and each one can be uniquely crafted to highlight your products and services. You want to convey a sense of believability within your testimonial, so encouraging your clients to share their own experiences dealing with the products and services will give your client’s testimonial a sentimental touch.

Another element to incorporate into your client testimonial is to include diversity. By showcasing varying client testimonials, you aim to reach a broader audience. Incorporate client testimonials from all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, etc. You do not want to use the same client testimonial over and over again; this will hurt your brand and give the impression that your products and services are not used by others. 


Having brand awareness is important in establishing a rapport with future clients. By having testimonials from clients, whether they are new or existing clients, builds a stronger presence for your brand. Creating the perfect client testimonials can increase your sales and you can do so with the following:

  • Don’t Use a Script
  • Use Good Lighting
  • Get Specific; Personalize It

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