How to Find the Best Video Production Jobs

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By Katrina de Leon, Director of Marketing, ProductionHUB 

You've been a slave to ‘setiquette’ (set etiquette), mastered new skills, upgraded to the best video editing software and purchased a high-quality camera — it is officially time to ‘level up’ to your next big break in the world of content creation. Where and how do you find the best film project or post production job?

Whether you are trying to land a position as a Film Producer at a university, a Creative Director career at an ad agency or even a job as a Content Producer to help lead a brand’s video marketing efforts — there are plenty of ‘job seeking hacks’ that will make career transitions seem less tedious. Maybe even fun. (Okay, let’s just stick with ‘less tedious’ for now.)

  • Join chapters of local organizations like the Women and Film in Television, the American Advertising Federation or Broadcasting Federation (depending on your location and specific ideal employer, you can target these groups to make the best use of your time and theirs).

  • Be accessible for any marketing events, speaking engagements or volunteer opportunities that will directly connect you to your ideal future employers. Be vigilant, but also be picky. The more focused your target, the more you can zone in on your next ideal job and even cherry-pick future clients.

  • This should go without saying, but be nice. You want to be the first one people think of when they need the best producers, video editor, etc.Offer yourself up as a judge for a nearby Film Festival. Or perhaps they need help on a planning committee or with social media outreach. (Again, this depends on the type of filmmaking jobs you are going after and the city you live in.)

  • Submit to a professional awards ceremony that is specifically focused on your future career goals. If your focus is on healthcare / medical videos, you should be entering here or at least researching what the winners are doing differently so you can improve your skills and offerings.

  • Search specifically and purposefully. Make a list of your top 10 ideal employers — whether that be a production company, ad/marketing agency or an in-house video producer. Exhaust this list by strategically connecting with the appropriate contacts before moving on to next list. Make sure you are following the production companies on LinkedIn and their more popular social media channels.

  • If you aren’t being directly connected to production jobs lead in real life, then applying to a job on niche sites like ProductionHUB will always get you more quality leads than ginormous ‘one size fits all’ staffing companies. The experience, knowledge and specialized customer service that comes with years in the industry will save you tons of time trying to vet out spam/scam and duplicating efforts. (Especially when a majority of those sites pull from niche job sites anyway.)

  • Know how to crush the virtual interview (via FaceTime), phone interview and video interview.

  • Stay on the cutting edge of technology by watching out for news on tools of the trade, including filming equipment, video gear and editing software. Follow the top influencers in your specialty verticals on social media.  

  • Have an updated film reel and online portfolio ready to go at all times and make sure to include custom video clips focused on the particular job to which you are applying. Don’t make it difficult for employers to see the connection between your video reel and their open positions. Always include your contact info in the end slate — don’t make them look for it.

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