How to Get Your Clients to Fall in Love with Your Work

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Roxanne Ibbetson – Production Assistant, Tech TV 

If you work in the video production industry, I’m sure you are aware that there is 
no magic solution to ensure that your clients think you’re amazing. Building a 
great client relationship takes commitment, attention to detail, and a high quality 
product. There are, however, a couple of things you can do to get off to the best 
possible start. 

* Making sure you have a happy client at the end of your project starts at the very 
beginning, in pre-production. The days and weeks before your shoot aren’t just 
the time to book your kit and find a suitable location; it’s also the time to prepare 
yourselves and your clients for what’s to come. 

* Giving your clients a clear insight into what they can expect from the shoot 
means that there shouldn't be any disappointments or miscommunications on 
the day, making for a much more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. A 
stressful shoot can be all it takes for a client to decide they never want to make 
a video again, especially if it was their first experience. 

* The same goes for your crew. Giving your guys a good idea of what they can 
expect from the day ensures that you get the best from them and there are no 
confusions on location. Your clients need to feel that they’re in a safe pair of 
hands, and a crew with poor communication can easily come across as unprofessional. 

* While planning is essential, it’s possible to overwhelm your client with 
information. They probably don’t need to know the technical ins and outs of why 
your kit is perfect for the job, they just want to feel that you know what you’re 
doing and understand what they need from you. You don’t need to bombard 
them with lots of conference calls or meetings; a simple show and tell can be all 
you need to put the clients mind at ease. 

We always aim to simply make the production process as fun and stress free as 
possible for our clients. Things like being interviewed on camera can generally 
feel completely unnatural and nerve wrecking, so it’s our job to take the pressure 
off and make everyone feel comfortable. 

Ensuring the client is at ease throughout entire production is the best thing you 
can do. It’s as simple as putting on your best smile and throwing in some nice 
coffee and biscuits, because keeping the client happy throughout the process 
pretty much guarantees they’ll not only love your work, but also want to come 
back for more. 

Roxanne is a Production Assistant at Tech TV, an award winning corporate video production company based in London & Surrey.

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