How to Host the Best Oscar Party Ever

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People in the production industry come in many varieties. But what we all have in common is that we never miss the Oscars… or a party. 

From thrilling recipes to dramatic decor, here are some star-studded ideas for your real life supporting cast to enjoy the Oscars.

For the film junkies who are paying very close attention:
They came to this Oscar party to actually watch the Oscars (what a concept) but I’m sure they’d appreciate a drink in their hand. Keep pouring that champagne but add some Oscar flare. Garnish the glasses with a slice of star fruit. Because what says Academy Awards more than star-studded champagne?

For the indie filmmakers who are way too cool for the Academy:
Even though they don’t care who wins Best Supporting Actor, it’s your party and you can force them to pay attention. Presenting, Oscar Bingo. Create bingo cards with things you’ll surely see while watching. Red dress. Standing ovation. Brought mom as their date. You get the idea. 

For the drama kids who plan to one day win an Oscar:
More likely than not, your actor friends yearn for that golden man trophy. Add a little sparkle to your menu with some eye catching, golden recipes. Popcorn is a staple at the movies, make it gold by serving caramel corn instead. Planning on making a dessert with frosting? Just add gold sprinkles for an extra shimmer. Even just bedazzling your serving bowls with gold craft glitter makes your food table all the more glamorous. The Hollywood-hopefuls at your party will eat it up.

For the costume designers who only care about the clothes:
The real show for them starts right as the guests arrive. Try out that same idea with a cliche, yet completely necessary, red carpet at the entrance to your party. Have your friends dress up and while no one is likely to ask who you’re wearing, it’ll get everyone talking about how great they look in their gowns and tuxedos. Set up a backdrop and get cardboard cutouts of some nominees for your guests to pose with. Come up with a hashtag for your party to find all the fun photos on Instagram the next day.

For the photographers who always have their camera:
There’s always that one friend who will have their DSLR on hand... just in case. Set up a makeshift photobooth with props and dry erase thought bubbles for guests to play with throughout the evening. Write out superlatives on cardboard like “best smile” or “most likely to get food on her dress” for your friends to hold up. Use the fancy camera to capture some high quality (and probably highly hilarious) images, then print them out for memorable keepsakes. 

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