How to Keep Your Crew Mentally, Physically and Financially Balanced on the Job

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Your team is the backbone of the set and, like our actual backs, it’s important to keep them healthy. If they begin to suffer due to physical, mental or financial issues, then the production will equally suffer. For those old-school thinkers who believe employees are replaceable if they begin to have issues, you will spend more hiring new employees. Training and bringing replacements up to speed is time-consuming, so investing a little extra into your current employees will save money in the long run. Plus, happy employees are more effective, efficient and loyal.

Successful businesses – both large and small – provide employees with knowledge and opportunities to improve their lives. It could be considered self-serving, as research shows that balanced employees are better for business, but it’s okay if each party benefits. Happy employers and happy employees equal happy customers. If you want your production team to be successful, then offer assistance in the following areas.

Financial Literacy

“Money makes the world go ‘round” is a common phrase emphasizing the value of currency on a global scale. It must be budgeted and managed so people can reach life goals, provide for their family and ensure life and possessions. Unfortunately, 1 out of 5 Americans lacks basic knowledge regarding finances. To improve your employees’ work-life balance and happiness, help them boost their financial literacy.

Financial literacy is a measure of someone’s knowledge regarding their money, earnings, business and security. It’s not a goal, but a learning process that helps us manage and grow our worth. By offering monthly or quarterly classes where accountants and financial professionals discuss financial scenarios, current trends and saving strategies with your employees, you can improve their financial literacy. When employees increase their worth and secure their future, they can relax and focus on the work at hand.

Physical Health

A study from the American Sociological Association revealed 70% of Americans struggle to find a work-life balance. We pick up habits in our early years that are harder to change as we get older. “Can’t teach old dogs new tricks” is the saying, which is why you need to help your employees make those changes. Some changes are easier to make, but one of the biggest challenges is adapting to a healthier lifestyle.

Production teams are often called to do rigorous, rapid and tiresome work that can lead to injury if they aren’t healthy. Training them on proper exercise, diet and rest is not only good for morale and personal health. It also reduces occupational injury. Because these habits are hard to change, training your team has to go beyond lectures and educational materials. Introduce exercise and diet challenges so employees have a goal to strive for and some healthy competition. Physically fit and rested people are happy, and work more efficiently.

Mental Stability

One of the most overlooked components of an employee’s happiness and balance is their mental stability. For a time, corporate tried to take the human component out of the workplace. It was easier to make the hard decisions, and the fear of replacement drove productivity. The strategy saw profit for a short period, but the negative impacts were greater and far-reaching. Stress costs American companies nearly $250 billion per year; a large, avoidable expense.

Now, with depression impacting as many as 26% of the U.S. adult population, both large and small companies are bringing the human component back into the workplace. Wellness and mindfulness programs, yoga, on-site fitness centers and/or counseling are a small price to pay for content, productive employees. Generalizations can be dangerous, but research and studies have shown physically, mentally, and financially balanced employees will most likely be more productive and loyal. Your production team is your most valuable asset, so invest in their happiness and balance. It’s a win-win.

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