How to Leverage Online Video's New Influencers for Winning Brand Extensions

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Not that long ago, advertisers' TV media plans focused exclusively on GRPs, reach and frequency. Now, online has upended the model, enabling users and influencers to dramatically expand the reach of brand messages via social channels. The post-game online viewing of Super Bowl ads is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Now brands are creating their own content and are also recruiting influencers to create content and share their experiences with their networks to drive engagement. What does all this mean for advertisers and the broader advertising market?

Dawn Chmielewski
Senior Editor, Mobile Re/code

Zack Smith
SVP, Branded Content
DEFY Media

Bryan Thoensen
SVP, Strategic Content Group

Pete Borum
Co-Founder and CEO
Reelio Inc.

Moderator - YouTube more young viewers than any cable channel. 50 percent leap in amount of time spending each time on site. If e-marketer’s projections accurate, third money of advertisers headed to digital, many toward YouTube. How do brands begin to approach this space?

ZS- They already are because influencers have authentic relationship with YouTube influencers recognizing that. Why? 63 percent more likely to make purchase decision if they recommend. 

PB- How many people skip ads on YouTube? (Everyone) And 30 second spots often repurposed from television. 

Moderator – DVR’s in 40 percent of households now, we are trained to skip advertising so we have to be smarter. Who is the correct influencer to reach audience?

BT - a lot of influence centric campaigns are more RFP based in budget but what we found is powerful but when values are shared and it’s mission-based...what does our brand stand for and who does it speak to? Then finding those experts that match and partner and pair is when you find success. 

Moderator - great high level view. Let’s drill down some more. What’s worked / what HASN’T worked?

PB - Interesting is audience is more granular now...recc against one content influencer. Even if w/someone as popular as smash, vet and work with a number, try a bunch of different things. Hocking a value...babble = language learning software. Not a lot of videos on language learning, but there is about travel, love, using languages to do different things. Then test different concepts and use that to move forward. 

Moderator - How do you go about helping buyers make a decision or sell an ad buy? Audience of 10 million (more labor intensive than just a TV spot). 

BT - Starts with measurement. look how many years Nielson ROI vs. vast social landscape and value of a tweet vs. retweet vs. snap etc....when you think of programming across different verticals, got to get better more scientific. 

Moderator - when you don’t have independent 3rd party, how credible is data?

ZS- Agencies need to look at holistic campaigns. YouTube view metric is what is paramount. None exist without each other, equally important but need to compare apples to apples. 

PB-how do you justify to buyer though...this is why i need to move this money to YouTube, why it’s difficult to make apples to apples comparison, who is the YouTube expert? From the media buying world (what’s my GRP, etc.) or YouTube world or direct responsive world. We consider ourselves actionable analytics - data to justify good vs bad spending. As long as cost per engagement / cost per click vs. TV - vs. a static link...

Moderator -advertising in this world is held to a different standard. How do you go with quantifying success in this admittedly tilted landscape?

PB- Got to be a model for these types of things. E.g. chipotles Farmed & Dangerous...sentiment toward brand before and after..integrations that exist when done right, audiences won’t just forgive but they will embrace. 

PB-it’s not an absolute but relative measurement. I know I’m wasting half of my ad dollars, just don’t know which half."

Moderator- could you differentiate brand integration vs. product placement and how do you make it not obvious?

ZS- PP is well established as I’m going to place this in your film and measure success before or after. Pricing model clearly defined. In digital, it’s very custom typically because every brand has a brand new conversation with accomplishing their goal. Brands expect to have a seat at the table more so than they would during tv pp. 

BT - Shifting media landscape...rapidly evolving world. Barriers completely eliminated. 

PB- it’s helpful to point out that 
10k Gillette razors is not with same loyalty. Dollar Shave Club created really lasting brand impression to those not reached by Gillette. Many are doing it as a reaction to those who don’t have any expectations or habits that look and feel like commercials. If we won’t do it, someone else will. 

Moderator - seems to break rules self-deprecating, old spice man was iconic. What succeeds entertainment vs. skip over?

BT - good story and characters told in good amount of time. 

BT - Ton of pro-mercials. Attribution from an ATT perspective powered by them, surrounding it with their messaging but more about the network message

Moderator  - what do you see coming in near term?

PB- VR going to be a game changer. YouTube announced 360 capability for 499 bucks. Will allow you to shoot and a viewer can look around. If you got kids and they spend all their time watch YouTube today, sorry you aren’t going to see them again. 

ZS- I agree but won’t allow for best narrative experience. If I’m on a roller coaster, it’s just about experience. it’s equally compelling, it’s not storytelling though. 

PB- With influencers though, it’s about relationship - they feel they are best friends with this person. How much more compelling if I’m sitting right next to them?

Moderator - Experiential. Affecting programming?

ZS- If you stick a 360 camera underwater in aquarium.... looping 30 minutes to fully explore that world. People will stick around for that. 

PB- if your pulse races during shark week already, are in the cage now. 

BT - think it will just add to that already connected feeling

Moderator - how do brands get involved without shattering?

PB- Aquafina - oh you look thirsty, hands a water. 
"Nice shoes bro" - wearing Nike. 

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