How to Make Music Libraries your Friend

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Mike Fuller, with CSS Music gives us a few quick tips on how to best utilize stock music in your next production project.

1. Take advantage of Playlist creation and access utilities available on music library websites.  These enable producers to quickly assemble various “what if’s” for various scenes or productions or campaigns.  These can be e-mailed to associates or clients across the hall or around the world. In short, playlists make organizing and discussing production music a snap.

2. Use Lo-Fi (for preview only) downloadable samples for temp syncing to picture.  Great for showing clients and associates how a scene might work.

3. Use multiple search systems to get the best results, including waveform searches.  Be patient.  Good sound design takes time.  Resist the quick “magic button” approach to music editing.  Music is a great supply, no need to force one cut to do the job even if you lots of levers you can pull.

4. Consider bulk download plans or purchases to reduce cost and make real world “what if’s” economically feasible.  Don’t be afraid to make a mistake.

5. Download uncompressed .wav or .aif files.  You can always “degrade” to suit.

6. If budget is a serious constraint, consider lower resolution downloads.

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