How to Make Your Brand Promotional Video Work Harder

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You've got an idea, a script and already weighing out your options for casting and crew. But will your promotional video turn out to be a triumph or a flop? Planning on how to use the video and what the goals are can drastically change the outcome and effectiveness this video has on your brand. Here are a few things to think about when planning your video.

1. Know what you’re looking for beforehand.

You should have a general idea as to what purpose the video will serve, where it’s going to be shown, what it’s promoting and how it’s going to help expand your business.

Identifying these parameters can help guide you in the right direction to make a video that yields the best results. If you want a promotional video for your website, you may want something that is going to go a bit more in-depth about your business. Whereas a video that is going to be marketed on Facebook should be created with your Facebook audience in mind. It’s important to address these parameters beforehand to maximize engagement with your target audience on each platform.

2. Story and Structure

It’s imperative to engage your audience with a well-structured story throughout your video. The strongest aspect of video marketing is the ability to tell a story.

Planning out the substance of your video beforehand will help you tell your story the way it should be told. This is where you should pull the curtain back and not be afraid to ‘beat your chest’. The more intimate you get, the better the chances your video will resonate with potential clients and ease them into your funnel.

3. What else can be used to give your video some pizzaz?

Different types of production elements can go a long way in the success of your video. Some of these may seem small, but can drastically change the tone of the video.  Here are some elements to consider when planning your video:

  • Interviews and Soundbites: These can add a personal feel to a video and generate trust in a brand. Seeing real people talk about real situations or products in a heartfelt way adds credibility.
  • Motion Graphics: Add some visual flair and interest by adding motion graphics into the video mix. These can consist of logos, text information or any interesting graphics you’d like to have in the video. They’re often informative, amusing and can be the cherry on top of what is already a great video.
  • Soundtrack and Audio: The right soundtrack is crucial to maintaining momentum and tone throughout a video. For example, if you want a corporate feel you’re going to want to go with music that matches the pace of the video. If you’re a high-intensity gym you may want to go with some heavy metal or rock. When recording audio on scene, using the correct type of mic and sound equipment is a necessity. This ensures your message is delivered in the highest quality possible.
  • Video Effects & Transitions: Used tastefully, effects and transitions can add an authentic personal touch to your video that differentiates your visuals from the crowd. Although visually pleasing, it’s important to remember to not go overboard with effects and transitions because it can distract the viewer from the actual story. A few tasteful effects and transitions added here and there in a video can go a long way.
  • High Production Shots: Pans and zooms on a handheld camera are fine for a family video but can look amateur in the corporate and professional video world. If you have the budget, you can include crane and Steadicam shots, as well as extreme slow-motion and other techniques to make your video much higher quality.
  • Be Professional: Always opt to go with the best equipment and crew you can afford. With the budget in mind, do your research and find someone who can create the quality you want to see in your video. Be sure to check their reviews and portfolio. You can find professional crew and vendors on online directories, like ProductionHUB.

4. Make a Plan

Establishing your marketing plan should be a priority throughout the process of making your video. Make sure you have some kind of distribution process organized to promote your video and make sure it continuously evolves as the popularity of your video does.

Online marketing is a fantastic way to promote and generate interest in your video. Plan an online marketing blitz through different streaming services and social media — it's an easy and effective way to push your video in front of various, targeted demographics. These steps will ensure that your video is getting in front of the right audience. At the end of the day if no one knows about your video it doesn't matter how great it is — it will never generate any traction.

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Evan Jackson is a co-founder and the Chief Content Officer for Top Group Media. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Quinnipiac University in fall of 2016. Prior to college, he ran a successful YouTube channel and discovered a passion for video editing. Evan has since grasped the art of videography, and has directed, filmed, and edited for various artists and brands across the country.

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