How to Maximize the Value of Video Marketing

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We’ve discussed before how video marketing is the best way to build your brand and heighten your exposure. It allows you to share your story, inform your audience and educate viewers all while keeping their attention and increasing SEO. Because of this, video marketing content is everywhere. You see them in paid ads, explainers, landing page videos and branded content.

With all of the video content being uploaded today, it is becoming increasingly important to create content that is impressive, has high production value and stands out from the pack.

But if you are going to invest in professionals to help you create and execute high-quality video, you want to make sure you are getting the most value out of your video investment.

Think of your project as a Russian Nesting Doll; spawning versions of different shapes and sizes allowing you to get more out of your project than just one great marketing video. Thanks to the Internet’s endless platforms for video content, there’s more value to be had with a single video project than ever before.

While it’s true that the separation of your final project into its many disciples happens in post-production, in order to get the absolute most out of any project it’s important to begin thinking of how it can be re-purposed before you begin. Here we will discuss the variety of ways a single video project can be used in order to maximize its value.

Social Media Videos 

Let’s look at video testimonials. The average corporate video testimonial clocks in somewhere between two and three minutes. At this length, you’ll largely be drawing viewers to your website, while also posting the full cut on LinkedIn or Facebook. Though full-cuts are essential for prospective clients and those with time, the reality is that today’s attention spans aren’t always well-suited for full-length videos.

Studies aimed at discovering the optimal runtimes for web videos have found each platforms ideal length. At two minutes, YouTube videos hold viewers the longest, in addition to being a great home base for video content to live. Meanwhile, 30-second clips have been found ideal for Instagram viewers, while Twitter and Facebook users prefer 45-second and 60-second videos, respectively. This is where social edits become a must!

Chopping your video down into social edits ensures that your video can reach audiences on different platforms without having to create an entirely new video. That way, your Facebook edit may feature an entire interview from your testimonial, while your Instagram cut may feature a favorite sound bite or two. Beyond the basic edits, you can even play around with vertical cuts that are tailored specifically toward Snapchat, IGTV and Instagram stories.

Hold On To Your Interviews!

Having a professional video and audio crew at your office probably isn’t an everyday occurrence. So when your employees are interviewed on camera, it’s wise to hold onto the footage as it very well may come in handy down the line.

Corporate events are a great place for gathering interviews with some of the company’s key players. Once the interviews are utilized for a testimonial or sizzle reel, they’re far from finished. Repurposing interview segments can be valuable for future videos, or just for posterity.

As your company grows, changes and has other needs, these videos can be re-purposed for company events, recruiting videos or any other number of projects that you possibly didn’t have a need for at the time. One of the largest expenses on a video project is hiring a crew to come out to film, not to mention the time spent by your employees on camera.

Make sure you speak with your production company before filming begins to ensure that all original footage will be delivered to you. You can always go back to the original video company to create future edits from the footage, but in the end, the footage is yours and you should have access to it once your project is done.

Gifs, Screengrabs and Stills

When a video crew rolls in, they come equipped with professional grade lenses, makeup and lighting to make sure the video’s subjects are camera-ready. Think of it like class photo days in grade school, except for adults. So it’s in your best interest to take advantage of the crew’s resources and use some of their images as marketing assets of your own.

Though sometimes a photographer may be on set documenting a shoot day, there are other opportunities for you to capture the moment. It’s not uncommon for companies to screengrab moments from their videos and use them for other marketing and professional purposes. Likewise, GIFs can easily be created from video footage to be reposted for web-friendly audiences, and stills taken on set can be pocketed for use at any time. Capitalize on the opportunity and turn a shoot day into an all-around media day, where you can gather and collect assets that can spiffy up your brand for years to come. 

Keep It Fresh

There was once a time when video cycle went like this: The video premiered, briefly remained in rotation, and slowly drifted off into the ether. Today, when done right, video content can be kept fresh for as long as it’s relevant to your business.

To get the most out of your video content, you can embed videos in company blogs, newsletters, and even play them at corporate events. When it comes to getting your videos seen by the larger masses, the Internet really ought to be your best friend. Since video content is so much more than a single-use product, don’t be afraid to repost on different platforms every couple of months, because it’ll be bound to catch some new eyes the second, and third time around.

While the plunge into video marketing may seem like a steep venture, it’s best to be mindful of the slew of marketing assets that can be used for years to come as part of your long-term plan. So, when you see a production crew roll into your office on a shoot day, know that something lasting is being created that can be repurposed far beyond a simple 3-minute video.

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