How to Plan a Live Event Everyone Will Be Talking About

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By Paul Simms

Event-planning can be daunting, and nearly everyone makes mistakes whilst they are learning the basics. However, by taking note of certain advice, you can hopefully make sure that everything runs smoothly and wins all your guests over. If you are in charge of putting on your first ever live event, it’s a good idea to get a firm idea about what you’re looking for and what you’re hoping to achieve as soon as you can. 


* Get your ideas down on paper

The first things you’ll have to consider include your target audience, the time and date of the event and the kind of venue you’ll need. It’s not wise to go it alone completely, as further down the line you’ll certainly need help to make things happen. Once you have brainstormed your initial ideas and decided upon the kind of live entertainment that you’re looking for, it’s a good idea to get a team together and dish out roles accordingly. 

* A plethora of tasks

You may need to ask someone to send and reply to e-mails for you, someone to oversee publicity for the event and someone to look after the paperwork. Depending upon the nature of the event, you won’t necessarily have to enlist too many people but it’s wise to enlist the help of at least two or three people. If you’ll need financial assistance to put your event on, someone will have to look after this too. 

* Give yourself enough time

Deciding upon a date is essential as once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to decide the kind of pace you’ll need to work at. It’s wise to give yourself as much time as you’ll realistically need, especially if you have no prior experience of events management at all. Many people suggest that you allow between 3-6 months of prior planning. It’s a good idea to give your event a name too, and work on a theme. 

* Spreading the word

Once you have decided upon a theme, it’s wise to start thinking about the kind of entertainment that you’ll be looking for. More and more people have started to seek out entertainers of an unconventional nature (fire performances, an LED robot) in order to offer something a little different – and more memorable – from the norm. You’ll also have to think about promotional material such as posters and flyers, and may wish to enlist someone to promote your event online too once you have secured the entertainment and venue. 

* Do you need extra help?

Other aspects that you’ll need to think about include catering. You may also ask if your chosen performers can visit the venue beforehand if they need to plan their performance around the layout of the location and you’ll have to think about legal paperwork such as contracts and insurance documents too. This explains why so many people choose to turn to corporate entertainment agencies like The CEP when planning an event as things can start to seem very complex rather quickly, especially in terms of paperwork and staying with your budget. This does not mean that you won’t get to have a huge influence on your event and event entertainment; it simply means that much of the hard work is looked after on your behalf by experienced professionals. 

Paul Simms is Online Marketing Manager for The Corporate Entertainment Professionals (CEP) a leading UK entertainment agency specialising in bespoke themed entertainment for corporate events and parties.

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