How to Produce a 4K Theatrical Feature On A Budget

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: September 25, 2014
Time: 11:30 AM PDT
Where: Online

Join Writer/Director Claudia Sparrow and Producer/ Colorist Leandro Marini on Sept. 25th, as they walk you through the production and post-production of their independent feature I Remember You. Shot in 4K with RED Epic cameras and posted entirely with a 4K pipeline, I Remember You is a romance with a supernatural twist. The film centers around Leah & Samuel, two strangers who feel a powerful connection after being involved in the same accident. 

In this webinar Claudia and Leandro will discuss the challenges involved in shooting entirely in 4K as well as the benefits and trade-offs in using an end-to-end 4K pipeline in post-production. Learn more here. 

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