How To Select The Best Video Production Company In 3 Simple Steps

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Wondering how to select the best video production company? We have outlined this process in just 3 simple steps below to help you out. But is it really necessary for you to select the best video production company? To answer this key question, you must consider the relevant facts.

Did you know that over 500 videos were being uploaded per minute on YouTube in May 2019? Since 2014, the total hours of videos uploaded per minute on YouTube alone has increased by 60 percent. Every day, one billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube. The most astonishing part is that YouTube accounts for only 21% of worldwide video traffic.   These statistics make it clear that companies must give due regard to video content to increase online visibility and gain customer attention.  Despite the rising tide of video content, the reality is nevertheless quite dire. 

A plethora of low-quality video content has inundated the internet. Owing to poor content, most of these videos have already been relegated to oblivion.  It is more imperative than ever to stand out from the crowd of bad videos with high production quality.  It pays to collaborate with an awesome video production company for breathtaking video content that will impress fickle viewers. But not all video production companies are the same.

While some production companies are great, others are less than stellar.  How do you identify a really good video production company? Transcendent video content does not come cheap. Hence you must be cognizant about the traits of awesome video production companies. 

1. Peruse Their Portfolio

The key question is: why does portfolio matter? Considering the facts mentioned above, you will certainly realize that the average viewer is more fastidious than ever before due to the prevalence of poor quality videos. The diminishing attention span of people and the dearth of time do not help matters at all. If your video fails to convince in the first 10 seconds, then it will be a failure. Results from this study show that you have only 10 seconds to effectively communicate your value proposition to clients. A lot of experts interpret these results to mean that the average attention span has fallen to under 10 seconds, but this is most probably not the case.

The more likely explanation for this ultra-short dwell time is that viewers have become increasingly skeptical. They are now deciding in a very short time period whether the content they are viewing is fluff or valuable. This attitude is unsurprising considering that the surfeit of poor content all over the internet continues to disappoint and vex viewers.  So there you have it. No more than a few seconds to convince the skeptical user about the worth of your product or service. Without high-quality video, this is simply impossible.   

Will the video production company be able to provide video content that can fulfill this strenuous criterion?  The company portfolio is your first direct clue for answering this pressing question.  Most video production companies maintain a portfolio on the home page of the website. It is crucial for you to meticulously scrutinize this video content to determine if this is what you want for your business. Do these videos feel inspiring, captivating and entertaining? Or do they appear prosaic, generic and just plain boring? 

In short, are they good enough to capture the attention of your intended audience in the first few seconds?

You will get a good insight into this crucial question by perusing the portfolio and considering your own reactions to these videos. 

2. Check Their Creativity, Style and Sophistication

When you scrutinize the portfolio of the company, you might notice that certain style elements are common. However, a good company will have varied style across different video content. This indicates greater flexibility and better ability of the company to bring your vision to life. With higher flexibility and variety in style, settings and perspective, you can have greater assurance that the company will be able to cater to the unique requirements of your brand.  

If you already have a unique brand image in mind, then you should try to find content that is somewhat similar to the image that you wish to convey to your audience.   For instance, suppose you want humorous content that will appeal to young people. Try finding videos that are funny and trendy at the same time. You can also look for these two elements separately in different videos. If you can find these two qualities in the portfolio, then you can be quite certain that the production will be able to convey the brand persona that you desire.

3. Talk to Previous Clients

This step will be executed after you have made a list of video production companies that you feel will be able to orchestrate the brand image that you seek to convey.  No matter how much you analyze the portfolio, there are certain facets that you will not be able to ascertain unless you talk to previous and existing clients.  For instance, you will want to know if the company was able to deliver the project in time within the estimated budget. You would also like to understand how the company deals with clients and the value it attaches to customer satisfaction. 

These questions can only be answered by clients who have hired the production company for their videos. Communicating with clients may be time-consuming but it will definitely offer invaluable insights to many issues that you need to be aware of both positive and negative.  You will be able to pinpoint clients by viewing the portfolio.

The names of the companies will be mentioned on these videos. You will also find a list of client names mentioned separately on the portfolio section. If you do not find this on the production companies website then politely request a list of previous clients.  You can also carry out a Google search and read user reviews. This may not be as informative as contacting clients, but it will provide some key insights. 

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