How to Write a Powerful and Effective Explainer Video Script

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By Bridgette Hernandez, Writer at Is Accurate

The very essence of an explainer video is the information that it conveys. However, it’s really not all that straightforward. It’s all about how that information is presented and what you do to facilitate its comprehension. This is especially important since these videos tend to be very short, often under 60 seconds.

A well-penned script is a central component to a successfully executed explainer video. In this article, we’ve compiled the ingredients you need to take care of, in order to have a stellar scenario for your video. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Brevity is key

Think of your explainer video script as a skeleton, which you’re going to build on — this implies that you need to keep your script brief. Obviously, the length if the final will ultimately depend on the complexity of your product. However, there’s no benefit in making your video longer than shorter.

Tap into storytelling

Storytelling is a central component of an enticing video. People are very passionate about narratives. It’s best to present your video as a story about a person that is very similar to your average user or audience member.

The reason storytelling is essential to making a powerful and effective video script is that stories affect our hormone levels. How? Well, according to Paul J. Zak recently published a research paper on storytelling, it appears that good stories elevate oxytocin levels in our bodies, which is one of the “feel good” hormones in our body generally associated with positive and safe social interactions. Not only will this help get your point across, but it will also help your end customer associate with you.

Furthermore, you can get an even better response by bringing your end user into the story. It’s essential that you look for various opportunities to make the situation depicted in the script about them personally, by making it very relatable.

It’s best not to hurry

Yes, explainer videos by definition need to be short and convey a lot of information, but try not to flood your audience with data. Remember, keeping your videos short isn’t really about providing them with the insight at a quicker pace, but rather carefully selecting what to say.

“There is a commonly accepted formula — the longer your video is, the less impact it’s going to have on your viewer. Try to keep your videos under 3 minutes and read your text at a steady pace that is under 160 words per minute.” — Neightan White, Senior Writer at Supreme Dissertations.

Pro tip: As you can see, keeping your text under 3 minutes and at a density of ~160 words per minute, gives you an approximate length you should be aiming for. In an attempt to write a shorter script, we tend to write unnatural copies. A well-written copy is more important writing a few extra words. A copy that doesn’t read naturally can have an adverse effect on the way your video is received. Don’t forget to write as you talk.

Visual stimuli over text

We’re just really good with perceiving images, compared to text input. In order to improve the way the information is digested, it’s imperative to show, rather than tell. Use text for the information that can’t be visually represented. This principle needs to be reflected in your explainer script.

People are visual learners. So if your explainer video aims to explain certain peculiarities of your interface or ways to use your product — it’s best to focus on the visual representation of your new features. Say you’re a bank and you’ve rolled out a new technical feature that allows your customers to get customized reports based on their online banking activity. Instead of presenting this information by simply saying it, it’s best to either visualize, animate or even recreate the experience of accessing this new feature in the user’s cabinet.

Voice and tone

Writers don’t get enough credit for seamlessly shifting between tones and voices, according to the project’s needs and the customer’s demands. However, chances are you’re not a professional writer, and you don’t know how to adopt the right tone. No worries, we’ve got you.

Start off by creating a mental representation of the average person that uses your services or products and will most definitely be watching this video to get quick assistance. Envision this person and identify the most suitable tone and voice for them.

Similarly, you can decide on the visual stylistic peculiarities of your video based on this mental representation.

Commence with the conclusion

In order to make sure that the final message of your explainer video will reach a bigger audience, it’s best to start with the obvious — why you’ve made this video in the first place.

Keeping your audience engaged with your content is a fairly complicated task, that’s why we need to start with the conclusion of your video. This is a widespread practice in email marketing for a good reason. Say, a recipient opens your email without knowing who you are. If you fail to interest them and keep your actual offer for the end of your email (which might otherwise interest them), you’re risking to lose a substantial amount of converted customers.

The same can be said about videos. Let’s envision the same case we spoke of previously, you’re the bank that’s just introduced a new feature. Leaving this information out for the end of your video might cost you a substantial amount of converted customers that simply weren’t persuaded by your explainer video. This is why it’s best to start with the conclusion when writing a script for a video.

Choose your weapons

It’s essential to use the right tools to help you edit the best video script. If you decide to write the script yourself, while not being a professional writer, it’s always a good idea to at least let experienced writers that know everything about how to write video script have a look at it, make the necessary suggestions, and possibly edit it. Plus, using the right software is also essential.

This is why we’ve collected some services and products that are absolutely instrumental in creating a good script:

Hot Essay Service — a reputable writing service that also offers high-quality editing services.

Celtx — A very popular screenwriting tool that has an impeccable workflow and it’s also cloud-based.

Grab My Essay — a group of seasoned niche writers that produce top-tier content and offer consultations.

Final Draft — this software is arguably used the vast majority of film and television productions.


In conclusion, it’s safe to say that writing a powerful and effective script is mostly about the right structure, the right pace, and using the right tools. By implementing the tips mentioned above, you’re bound to write an excellent foundation for your explainer video. Good luck!

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