Inside Look into the Reality Television Awards with Executive Producer Kristen Moss

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Catch up on what you need to know about the Reality TV Awards from Audio Network's interview with Kristen Moss!

Q: Hi Kristen! For those who aren’t familiar, can you give a brief description of the Reality Television Awards and the idea behind them?

“The Reality TV Awards give recognition to those on-screen and also behind-the-scenes of your favorite Reality Shows of the year! We realized that there were no awards that directly impacted the Reality TV industry which is constantly growing and morphing. The producers, directors, casting teams and development teams along with the editors and camera crews all deserve to be awarded for a job well done. We allow Reality TV professionals a chance to celebrate all their work and prove to the public that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to creating this genre of television that we have all come to know and love!”

Q: What types of industry professionals will attend the annual awards ceremony on May 13th?

“We have some of the top executives, owners of major production companies, executive producers from major shows and some network executives already confirmed to attend. The list is always expanding!”

Q: Are there any planned celebrity attendees that you can tell us about?

“We have some reality stars and non-reality celebs already confirmed to attend! Heidi and Spencer from ‘Marriage Bootcamp’, Bridget Marquardt from ‘E! Girls Next Door’, and right now we are working on securing the cast of ‘Dance Moms’ and ‘Deadliest Catch.’ We have cast members from 2014/2015 ‘Big Brother’, ‘Survivor’, ‘Real World’, ‘Amazing Race’, ‘Little Women: LA’, ‘WWE Total Divas’, ‘Vanderpump Rules’, ‘MasterChef’, ‘MasterChef Junior’, ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, ‘Basketball Wives’, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ and many more!”

Q: Explain why you felt Audio Network would be a good fit as a sponsor of the 3rd Annual Reality Television Awards.

“From the beginning of our relationship, Audio Network has proven that they are hardworking and passionate. That is one of the most important things to us when entering a business relationship. They are very open and honest. They are wonderful to work with and always have a professional demeanor! Audio Network’s music library is absolutely incredible, as well! We will be using all original music from the Audio Network library and we are having so much fun putting the show together with many different themes and moods that are going to exponentially increase the Reality TV Awards’ attendees and viewers’ overall experience. The search ability is very user friendly and we are excited to team up with the DJ to make the best show possible.”

Q: Audio Network provides music for some of the night’s multiply-nominated shows including A&E’s ‘Wahlburgers’, AMC’s ‘4th and Loud’, truTV’s ‘Fake Off’ and ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Does it excite you to see this connection between Audio Network and the reality television world?

“We absolutely love that the shows that are currently nominated are working with Audio Network! We also have confirmed major executives from the production companies behind some of those shows, and we know that Audio Network has already proven themselves to them so it will be fun to have everyone together in one place! We only hope that more of the companies hop on with Audio Network as well!”

Q: How did you and Co-Executive Producer Andrew Ward get involved in the reality television industry?

“I started off in casting and I still currently work in casting! I will be heading the casting department for ABC’s ‘The Great Christmas Light Fight’ this May!

Andrew started off with FOX’s ‘MasterChef’ when he first got to Los Angeles and just wrapped his AP position with ‘The Doctors’ mid-April.”

Q: What are your plans for the Reality Television Awards in the coming years? Do you have any specific visions in mind?

“We would love to get broadcast! We believe that the public is craving an awards show like the Reality TV Awards as our public vote has been proving that! We are expecting over 1,000,000 votes this year! Voting is open to the public through April 30th and the voting ballot can be found at”

Thanks for allowing us to become a part of this monumental tradition, Kristen! We’re so happy to be working with you and excited for the upcoming awards ceremony next month!
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