Keys to Being Social Media Savvy in the World of Sports Production

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Ofir Benovici, Senior Director, Broadcast Products, Avid

Have you tweeted about a game you watched on television this week or shared a clip of a goal on Facebook? If you haven’t, chances are someone you know has. Across sports broadcast production, we’re seeing social media playing a much more prominent role. Broadcasters are using interactivity to their advantage, getting profound and valuable feedback from their audience and engaging with them to leverage multiscreen interaction.

When you take a high-level look at the sports broadcast process, it’s evident how pertinent and critical social media has become, with interactive opinion polls and other on-screen interactivity dominating activity. It’s impossible to ignore the reach of social media as a distribution channel, especially with younger generations, and it’s not restricted to the same geographical boundaries as a traditional broadcast. However, the unpredictable world of social media can be seen as dangerous territory to multinational brands and their intellectual property, especially those within the sports arena, with hotly contested commercial rights under threat from videos being shared openly.

The social media industry is fast growing, prevalent and captivating younger audiences that broadcasters generally find more difficult to engage with without significant innovation. For them, content is part of their social experience and it has to be ‘share-worthy’, or it’s just not interesting.

Everybody knows that content is king, and while traditional methods will not become extinct, broadcasters and brands need to shift from where they are today to accommodate the dynamics of user habits, engagement, and preferences.

The days of a single-screen household are firmly gone. For a broadcaster or brand to increase its viewership, drive web traffic, and create a buzz across multiple channels, generating engaging social content is paramount. Production teams need the right tools to collaborate, plan, gather, create, manage and deliver compelling content to a wider range of viewers across multiple platforms.

Following their acquisition of Orad Hi-Tec systems in June 2015, Avid now offers an extensive integrated workflow that features everything needed for the fast turnaround world of live sports and the delivery of content to multiple devices and social channels. With these solutions now tightly integrated into the MediaCentral Platform—an open, tightly integrated and efficient platform for media—broadcasters and sports organizations have a comprehensive choice of tools and workflow solutions to streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and minimize disruption and integration issues.

Tools like Media | Distribute and Social Media Hub enable production teams to search, filter and retrieve social media content for use in the production environment, and to publish finished content to multiple new media channels. The social media panel for MediaCentral | UX forms the ‘social media hub’ for Avid sports solutions by providing seamlessly integrated graphics management and social media interaction. Developed to allow journalists, or other broadcast personnel, to search multiple social media feeds, the on-screen panel also enables users to collect and create a ‘carousel’ of social media information to choose from and moderate this content.

With social content, there are also rights and legal issues to consider. As everyone knows, once the content is posted on a social media platform, it’s open for the world to access and share as they please. Therefore, operators have to be careful that anything being uploaded is done so legally.

Once satisfied of rights clearance, operators can link content into the graphics template and play it out to transmission, using full-frame graphics, or however, they choose to visualize the content.

Live sports is perhaps the most intense production environment there is, and great productions are rewarded by high ratings and devoted fans. With the MediaCentral Platform and Avid’s comprehensive solutions, organizations of all types and sizes can get involved in the game and deliver real-time, engaging social content.

About the Writer - Ofir Benovici 

As Senior Director of Broadcast Products at Avid, Ofir Benovici is responsible for shaping and managing the company’s broadcast portfolio. Ofir has more than 20 years of experience working in international high tech companies with a particular focus on the media industry. He joined Avid in 2015 as part of Avid’s acquisition of Orad.
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