Kinefinity Shows New 6K KineMAX & 4K KineMINI RAW Cameras

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by Corey Steib
Kinefinity™ based in China is a new brand of professional digital cinema products including KineRAW cameras, KineMAG SSD, KineKIT accessories, KineStation transcoding software, KineGrip sidegrip, and more. The KineRAW cameras and related products are designed, developed, assembled in China by a team with passion, concentration, vision and technical background from high performance astronomy camera design.

Now for the longest time, RED has been the big company to make 4K and higher cameras but now it seems that Kinefinity has announced their very own 6K cameras called KineMax along with the KineMini 4K Camera which are sure to make a lot of noise at this years NAB.

You may be asking yourself why have we not heard about this company before? Well they don't have a (US) distributor and RED has always been the big USA player but I have a feeling that it's about to change as it has been for the past year as Kine Cameras is not the only one chasing them. You now have Arri right behind them and if you saw the Oscars this year none of the nominated and/or winning films where shot on a RED.  Now I am liking everything about this camera with it's different lens mounts to having CinemaDNG which the Black Magic Cameras have which I love. They also have compressed raw in Cineform which is nice and it's really the only closest thing to REDCODE RAW.

Specs on the 6K KineMAX:

5760 X 3240 Super35 CMOS Sensor
PL, Nikon, Canon EF, B4 mount Options
12 bit 6K up to 30fps
4K High Speed Mode at 3K/30fps and 2K/100fps
Cropped Modes: 4K/50fps, 3K/60fps and 2K/10fps
1080P and 720P Options as well
Native ISO of 800
14 Stops of Dynamic Range in 6K
16 Stops at Pixel-Binned 3K Resolution
Uncompressed CinemaDNG 6K to 2-KineMAG
Compressed Cineform Raw to 1-KineMAG
2-SDI and HDMI Ports
Phantom Powered XLR, USB and Headphone Ports
OLPF designed to work with both 6K and cropped/scale modes

Specs on the 4K KineMINI:

4K Super 35mm CMOS Sensor (Same as original Mini)
PL, Nikon, Canon EF, B4 Mount Options
12-bit 4K and 14-bit 2K
4K Uncompressed or Compressed CinemaDNG
2K Cineform RAW
4K RAW up to 30fps
2K up to 96fps
1080p up to 100fps
13 Stops of Dynamic Range in 2K (Possibly less in 4K)
2 USB 3.0 Ports
Built in WiFi

The price for the KineMINI is a little over $3,000 and packages range from barebones which is a little under $4,000 to a full package being a little under $6,000.

The Price for the KineMAX  is still unknown but the Pre Order is around $3,000.

Final Thoughts:
So my final thoughts are the footage from the original mini looks pretty good and the price is right up there with the Black Magic Cameras but then comes the need for more hard drives. Although I do like the Compressed RAW I would like to see a ProRes or a QuickTime wrapper to bring down the storage data. Other then that I would love to get my hands on it and take it for a real world test from shooting to post and see if I and or my clients have a need for it.

Content and images courtesy of Corey Steib

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