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Introducing the New Educational Hub for Filmmakers of All Levels

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Want to learn the filmmaking craft or strengthen your skills with help from industry vets whose credits include The Marvelous Mrs. MaiselHugoMad Max: Fury Road and more? Now you can with Filmmaker U. We sat down with the creators of the online educational hub to get a look at what filmmakers can expect to learn. 

ProductionHUB: Why did you start Filmmaker U?

Filmmaker U: Filmmaker U was created in a collaboration of educators and innovators Josh Apter and Jason Banke of Manhattan Edit Workshop and Gordon Burkell from Aotg.com. Before the age of digital mentorship played a key role in film crews, post crews and filmmaker’s career development, places like the cutting room were hubs for passing on techniques, ideas, war stories, teamwork and developing relationships that would help you evolve your career. You would move from trainee to assistant, and eventually, the day would come where you became a full-fledged DP, Editor or any other position in the film industry.

Pros who had worked years and were coming close to the end of their career delighted in sharing the knowledge, techniques, tricks and ideas they had learned over the decades. However, in this digital age, young filmmakers are thrust into positions without having the chance to learn from those at the top of their game.

Filmmaker U was created to help fill this void in the modern-day film industry. This online educational series will bring the best in the business from behind the camera to any aspiring media artist who can no longer obtain this type of apprenticeship.

ProductionHUB: Can you tell us what Filmmaker U offers the filmmaking community?

Filmmaker U: Filmmaker U offers a rare opportunity to hear the top people in the filmmaking craft demonstrate their techniques, tricks and ideas. They'll show you how they did things, break down moments and pull back the curtain on the craft! 

ProductionHUB: What types of areas or focuses will you provide tips, tricks and techniques?

Filmmaker U: Our first three classes will focus on Sound Design, Color Grading and Editing. 

ProductionHUB: Can you share about the instructors we’ll see in your slate of videos?

Filmmaker U: Sound Designer Eugene Gearty has over thirty years of working with film's most celebrated directors including Spike Lee, Martin Scorcese, Ang Lee and The Coen Brothers, to name a few. He's won numerous awards and took home the Oscar for his work on Hugo. In Eugene's series on sound design, he’ll discuss working with sound, coming up with the film's feeling and more. 

Editor Brian Kates, ACE, has mastered pacing, timing and storytelling and has edited The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Shortbus and Lee Daniels' The Butler. Brian won two Emmys, one for his work on the Pilot for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and the other for his work on Taking Chance (that he shares with editor Lee Percy). In Brian's class on editing, Brian will focus on techniques, ideas and working with others to help you master editing. 


Colorist Eric Whipp started work as a colorist in the 1990’s. In 2007, he worked on the Academy Award-winning film Happy Feet. This is where his relationship with George Miller began and they re-united on Mad Max: Fury Road. Eric sits down with us to discuss his approach, techniques and ideas to color correction — and his work on the groundbreaking film Mad Max: Fury Road.

ProductionHUB: With a wide variety of educational videos already online, how does Filmmaker U stand out?

Filmmaker U: We're not a tutorial course. We're bringing the people who actually make the films you love in to show you their approach to filmmaking. Something NO OTHER site offers!

ProductionHUB: What other areas or disciplines might we see in Filmmaker U videos in the future?

Filmmaker U: Cinematography, Foley, Film Aesthetics, Producing, Documentary.

ProductionHUB: Where can folks learn more and subscribe?

Filmmaker U: You can learn more about Filmmaker U on our website. You can also follow us on social media:

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